My plant is getting droopy. Am I overwatering it?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SativaBleu, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. I water it about 30ml every other day or so. When i stick my finger in soil, its not dry. Its moist.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong someone, but should you not water it till you have run off?

    30mill does not sound like enough.
  3. my advice if your feeling moist soil and you add water yes you are over watering it, i would recommend letting it dry out a bit maybe 3 days from last watering maybe even 4, then water the entire plant with at least a gallon of water you should get a little run off, then dont water it again for atleast 4 to 5 days, lift the dry pots and feel how heavy it is and then after you water to see diffrence, then water when the pot is super light again.
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  4. So yes I was right lol - cheers I was kind of asking as well haha
  5. and i grow in fabric pots and FFOF as well all organic soil and nutes, this flower bunch is my first run trying mammoth p
    IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0225.JPG IMG_0322.JPG
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  6. Yoo joining the fox farm OF fabric pot organic grow! Loving it. Using nectar for the gods nutes. Had some trouble starting in hot soil, but going good since. They're about 26 days old.

    They get a little droopy on me sometimes to, right after watering . I water about 1 qt every 3 or 4 days depending on lift test. The fabric pots dry out a lot faster, so sometimes I water in 2 days. Might cut watering down to half qt and see if they droop[​IMG]

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  7. Never mind I got it.. lol
  8. I use all espoma soil products FFOF amended with Tomato Tone Kelp meal extra Wormcastings, hi cal dolomite lime as a ph buffer green sand etc, as for feeedings in flower i do a bat guano top dress high in N right at 12/12 flip and i use Fox Farm big bloom for P K bust during late stages of flower.
  9. Big roots equal big buds in my opinion If you are growing only 1 or 2 plants and want a big yield get them in 10gal to 20 gal pots and scrogg them, I grew a gorilla glue before this grow scrogged it got 300gs off one plant. i decided to do the tent do a perpetual and do 5 smaller plants every month if i can get 3 to 4 ozs per plant i can harvest over a pound every month!
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  10. Ahh okay ill invest in bigger pots next time, i can only really fit about 3 plants in my tent as my size is 80cm x 80cm, i am going to scrog soon next grow, this is my first grow doing feminined seeds :)

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