MY plant is dying. PLEASE HELP

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  1. first time grower. and my MJ id dying on me

    growing in soil, organic mircale gro with 125W cfl's

    i recently tried to transplant to another pot but failed, most roots ripped off. but main ones are intact i guess. and that was yesterday.

    but the yellowing and crisping started happening 4days ago.

    please help me save my plant

    they smell funy too, like citrus

    pot is 5" in diameter


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  2. I would treat it as if it were a clone and put plastic over it to keep it moist, this should slow the drying process in hopes the roots will take
  3. When i first put my clones in beer cups and until i move them to the 2 gallon pots I always have a two humidifiers running in the room. I've found that when the plants are vegging they require higher humidity. You might also want to try some foliar spraying using something lie ocean magic.
  4. The red color on the stem and into the veins looks like a phosphorus problem. Because they are in MG soil, there no telling how much of what nute they are getting too much of. Since you had the root damage transplanting, leave them where they are, but give them a good flush with plain water. This will help get rid of some of the time release ferts in that soil. And hold off on nutes for a week or so until they recover. Then start with 1/4 strength, they are still pretty young.

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