my plant is dying please help

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  1. Ok so the one little guy looks like he is dried up lettuce from last night he is yellowing and wilting is this from not enough light or water?? or can this be a ph level thing? i havent gotten a tester yet i went to wally world and they tried selling me a pool ph tester and i didnt think that would work so i just waited. usually its like 78 degrees at 48 percent humiditity they are 7 days old today
    for 7 days old are these small?  one is like 2-3 inches still and the other is probably 4 but he is bent so i cant tell exactly
    how often should i raise my light because people said you dont want them to strech when they are young the light has been about 1-2 inches away for a week now should i raise it up to 3 or 4 inches away?


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  2. They look burnt, what's the story with your soil
  3. [​IMG]
    thats what im using it was the ONLY soil Wally world had and Lowes was closed at the time
  4. Seedlings take time to gain strength...looks like they are a bit dry? What type of lighting are you using? They appear to be burned, but I normally use fluorescents to keep that from can get very close with fluro's and they keep cool. They love, love, love the light! Keep them close! When you get too far away is when they begin to stretch, or reach for the light, which is what your 'L' shaped lady is trying to do. What type of soil do you have them in? You can do this!! You really can! Just a little tweaking and you'll be off and running!!!
  5. Does that say feed for 6 months, I think that'll be the problem
  6. im using 2 utilitech 23w 1600lumen CFLS 5000k they are like a inch or two from the light i am going to put another 2 bulbs in im just waiting to find the light sockets that plug into a outlet instead of using drop lights.
    yea it says feeds up to 6 months i didnt know what that meant. I only bought this one since it was the only one they had everything else was grass seeds and weed killer they were getting ready for xmas already. should i change the soil?
  7. i water them twice a day once in the morning once before i go to sleep sometimes before i go to work depending on how dry the soil is. But someone told me to keep the soil dry and not to water them much but this soil drys out reallllly quickly.
  8. Did you bother reading what the bag says about it being moisture control, that soil sucks man, stop watering them and think about getting better soil
    ok what types of soil should i be looking into. I am a beginner and just learning i thought that was supposed to be good soil. This is my first grow lol.
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    With that miracle gro crap its probably over-concentrated.  Try taking some regular, rich forest dirt(not evergreen pine needle dirt)and mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with the stuff you already have to balance and stabilize. And I'd say 3-4 inches with the light depending on the amount of heat it gives off.

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