my plant is bending..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skydog, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone.. recently i just put a fan on my plant. I left it on all last night and this morning i woke up and checked on it and saw it was really bent.. the fan was not directly on it, it was just making her dance a bit.. anyone know why this would happen? i flipped it around and shut off the fan, hoping for it to grow back straight, i need some suggestions/ info please. Thanks a million!
  2. Damn man do some reading and alot of searching your just a kid and growing in your parents house is disrespectful and not advised by anyone here at the City. Just use a straw or stick and tie it to the stem, how tall is it? Put that CFL as close as you can, And please dont go around replying to others posts what they are doing wrong when yourself is struggling to keep this plant standing up, READ,READ,READ. When ya get everything dialed in and have taken a plant from seed to harvest I believe you could be helpful to newbies who are just starting their first grow, as you can't even keep your plant standing up on it's own. Try tieing your plant down LST style maybe it's telling you something.

    whoa...chill, please. *RMJL
  3. hey dude show some respect, I AM NOT just a kid growing at my parents u dumb ass. Thats very rude of you to even say and i HAVE READ FOR 2 years about growing, i used and just switched to this forum. I dont appreciate your shit comments! just because im havin a problem cus my friend didnt properly take care of the plant.. asshole.

    Chill with the name-calling. Even though other dude was out of line, you don't need to respond with names! *RMJL
  4. RELAX....:bongin:
    The tissues in your stem broke down lastnight and are repairing themselves as we speak.
    Its up to you if you want to stand it up or LST it ..personally id tie it down .. let it be n itll do its own thing.. if youve read n resaerched like you claim you know that a cannabis plant can be grown SEVERAL different ways n upright isnt always BEST......
  5. alright thanks for the post fadious. much appreciated. I have read lots about growing marijuana but i have never read about it bending or its positon so i was just making sure it will be okay. i'm thinking of putting a stick or somethin in the soil and tieing it down. thanks for the help.
  6. Yeah get a stick, and put it in the soil a bit and tie the stem to it with like a string or something it'll be fine...
  7. HIGH All, welcome to The City skydog...and sorry. Quader dude relax..if you see a post you don't like "Please" don't post...and if you do "Please" be respectful....this is what The City Thrives on.

    Man had to Quote you...facking couldn't find my specs *LOL*....just like a plant..things grow (go) when older.

    If it just fell over..yup just prop it up..or Transplant up to the first set of leaves...hang on.....Does it look like this?
  8. ^^^ now thats 1 hell of a lanky plant :eek:
  9. lol... i dont think you have light on it
  10. hehe unnoit, its not like the one in the pic :) its standing straight now and im thinking i dont even need to tie her down. Just got a little bend near the top of the plant, ill take some pics soon and keep you guys updated. thanks for all the help! :D
  11. uniot how much you think youll harvest from that one. LMFAO. What kind of fan do you have because if its not that strong it shouldnt bend the plant over. I would suggest rotating the pots a quarter turn every few days. hope this helps. peace.
  12. hahah i love that pic...haha...
    btw a plant can bend and rebend...but what you gota watch out for is dont let it 'snap'...if that happens when you drop something on it or something you have a worse problem.
  13. haha thats the funniest pic i have ever seen unoit lol
  14. ya what light u got on it... u really should be specific with ur setup... but for some reason im thinking it maybe bending toward the light (if its in a window or something)

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