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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WanusPieHole, May 4, 2003.

  1. hey, i just got this plant from my friend who knows nuthing about growing, and its about 6 inches tall, and the stem is only about 1mm thick, maybe 2mm at best. Im pretty sure this means the plant isn't doing to well, i think it might not be getting enough light because my friend just had it in his window sill. It has 4 little leaves, no longer than 1 1/2 inches each, these leaves are still not fully developed. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with this plant, if anything at all? the plant was wilting over, but i buried the stem to about 2 inches under the leaves, so that it would be able to support itself.any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is my first grow.
  2. 6 inches tall and only 4 leaves not even finnished developing that plant is probly streched right bad how much space is there inbetween each set of leaves?I would think its streched do u have any light for it for now?u can use florecent light but i would recomend hps u should post a pic of the plant would be able to help u a lil better

    oh ya as for the stalk get a fan blowing on the plant not blowing directly on it but enough to make kinda shake a lil that will strenthen the stalk for u
  3. wow....6" and not developed can still save did the right thing, i would have buried it another inch, even over the cotlydons....(little rond leaves).....and get the fan on it indirectly at first, but only if you maintain a good temp......however it needs more will need a fluro at least till you can get an HPS or MH......if it's a fluro, keep it approx 1-2" away from it.......Peace out......Sid
  4. for now i can get a flouro or two on it, but eventually im going to grow this outside, i just wanted to give it time to strengthen up a bit first. how long should i leave the lights on? like i said, i wanna move this outside once its strong enough, because i still live with my parents. i'll try and get a pic, but im not sure i'll be able to. im not sure what kind of hours of light it has been getting cause its been at my friends house this whole time, im probably gunna go pick it up later today, before he kills it.
  5. have the light on 24/7......24 hors a day.....7 days a week, till it's strong enough......Peace out......Sid
  6. If i kept the lights on 24 hours a day until i moved it outside, wouldn't this induce flowering once i moved it outside? also when should i start using ferts, and what kinds, I have some 15-30-15 miracle grow that im going to use on it once i find out when i should use it. Also, i found iron pellets, what exactly does iron do for the plant? and should i add any of these iron granules? sorry for all the questions, just trying to help my new plant as best i can.

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