my plant hermid, help

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  1. hey everyone i have a nice plant i scroged but its been over 2 weeks into budding and i noticed little male sacks, i rubbed them all off they basicaly fell off, i just have this one plant, my Question is will it still yeild a desent amount like a female seence it is budding, or will it yeild less, im debaiting to cut it ddown and restart or finish it out
  2. well if ure only two weeks into budding i would just smoke a bowl cry a little bit and then cut that he she down. now if u were 7-6 weeks into budding id recommend keeping it but as for keeping up with it and trying to knock off all the sac for the next 6 weeks not worth really worth it. Good luck on the next grow and sorry bout the lost
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    I know it might be tricky with the screen in the way, but i'd carefully slice off the sacks with a scalpal (don't rub them off) (dispose of them in water), making sure not to cut the budsite beside it/them. The sacks may only keep appearing for a week. Once you cut them off a node, i dont think they can grow back in the same place. You will not ruin your harvest if you miss a few sacks. You've come this far, and you may only have 6 weeks left to harvest (only a guess).

    EDIT: i mean, its only a guess until you may harvest
  4. my plant hermied last summer and i cut off the sacks as they came in, she stopped producing the pollen sacks after about a week or two of doing this, so there still might be hope. happy harvest :)
  5. yeah it sucks i dunno if i want to wait it out and see what happens or just chop it and get on with a bigger and better grow with more plants, i think im gonna wait it out and see how the cfls do producing buds because its my first cfl grow, or im gonna switch to a 250watt hps
  6. Definately stick it out if its your first grow. You will have gained more experience for you next grow.
  7. yeah this is my first actual seed to harvest indoor grow, ive been doing outdoor grows sence i was 17 now im 21 so i got a couple under my belt, I've learned alot from older people and my neighbor who worked on a medical farm in orgeon, Here's some pictures of the plant, its been on 12.12 for about 18 days now, I think it hermid because i had fucked with the lights so much when they were younger, and my light timer was broke , but now i got a new one and it works great, next time im going to do a small sea of green with a 250watt hps, in a rubbermaid storage cabnit, i figure that will yeild more then lets say 3 lst'd, im just affaird that stressing them even that low can cause them to hermi more offten maybe im wrong but i dunno
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    here's some pictures of the plant budding, i dont think the male sacks are growing back now that i just rubed them off,



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