My plant has some issues

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  1. After posting the first part [ ] I started researching

    After 2 hours of research, analyzing the plant, medium, etc., i came to the conclusion that my plant has the following;

    1. Fungus Gnats(I have gnats, this caused a lot of issues to my plant)
    2. Nutrients Burn
    3. Over Watering

    So i will change the following things

    I will add perlit to my existing soil

    I will take a break from using any type of nutrient

    I will only water my plant when minimum 60-70% of the soils surface is dry

    Is my diagnosis and treatment correct?
  2. post a pic is best for your plants survival

  3. pic with?
  4. light off!
  5. Fungal Gnats = Overwatering
    Mosquito Dunks will control the larva form. Yellow sticky traps for the adults.

    Lift plants before watering. Heavy set back down and do NOT water it. Wait until feather light before watering.
    Let one wilt to see just how light that pot actually gets.

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