My Plant has no leaves yet!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Watermummy7, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hey im kinda a newbie to this. well sorda i mean ive grown some shit with my friend before. Anyway I planted some seeds bout 5 days ago and theve germinated already. All i have now is a litle green stem growin with a v shape on top. No leaves yet and ive seen pics of other 5 day old plants and they have leaves. Am i doing anything wrong?
  2. is the shell still on iit? lol
  3. no just a little flimpsy looking plant with no leaves its about 2 to 3 inches tall
  4. I mean yes lol it has
  5. Give it time. Have a little patience, not all plants grow at the same speed.
  6. gently pull it off ive had to do it before
  7. Shit okay lol I was just getting worried like i was doing something wrong
  8. Give them more light.........
  9. I have to light bulbs on them now. And pull what off?
  10. well a pic would be gr8
    but the seed shell may still be on it
  11. I try to post a pic, I dont c any seed shell
  12. /photopost/data/500/medium/DSC05845.JPG
  13. im not sure about the V ive never seen that before or had one do that.
    but those lights are not close enough at all to the plant. 2-3 inches max with cfls
    and i hope you have more than 2 of those bulbs. i am a cfl grower i have 10 26 watt bulbs for 2 plants
    and i flowered mine very early

  14. Never had a v shape plant? okay ill move the lights closer, and im getting more i only have 2 right now
  15. well usually when my seedlings reach 5 days to a week they have the cotyledon and the second set of leaves coming in
  16. What could i be doing wrong?
  17. well i would say it all has to do with those lights being 10-12 inches away from the seedling since it has broken through the soil.
    2 lights is plenty for the seedling stage anyway.
    just get them 3 inches away and the lil guy/gal should bounce back fine.
    keep soil moist but not dripping
    do you have a way to record temps and humidity?
  18. No, But it usually gets pretty hot in my attic, I still have yet to get a fan. Im gonna get a termerature thing soon. I have a timer for the outlet lol
  19. This is not a marijuana seed, it looks like a spinach seedling.

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