My plant has gone Schizoid!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by All4fun2, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. I probably should have harvested by now but I like to push the envelope to see what happens. My plant is very late in the flower cycle and is starting to sprout unusual low density growth at the tops of some of the sub-stems like the pic below.

    The top half of the picture is what I'm talking about. The bottom half is what most of the plant looks like. So what's up with the dual personality? (Helter Skelter music rising in the background! Charlie Manson's picture starts to fill the screen... bad sh!t about to happen!)
  2. What's happening to the top of your plant is called foxtailing.... that usually happens when you're plant gets too hot or too much light

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  3. Usually happens on top cuz that's where all the light and heat are at

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  4. Cool... no pun intended. :) So, how does it smoke? Looks lower on the trichome count, but maybe too soon to tell?
  5. Smokes the same for the most part it just weighs less and is harder to trim ..... I've seen foxtailing covered in trichomes ( it was genetic foxtailing not from Heat)...... too hot = bad ... hurts potency, yield and flavor

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  6. This foxtailing is no doubt due to heat: June/July in San Diego can be warm.
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  7. Oh, and thanks for the reply and information! :)
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