My plant has a tongue? xP

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  1. So I planted a seed two days ago and it sorouted earlier yesterday. For some reason it has stayed brown and one of the head leaves has yet to curl outward. Could there be a reason for this? Without looking uo when to use and proper dosing, I put some RapidStart Root Enhancer, though not too much, into the water and I may have over-watered. Thoughts? (my temporary container is a Dr. Pepper can.


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  2. please don't double post
  3. This is the first time I've made this post.
  4. ^^Exactly. Please avoid creating multiple topics about the same post/journal.
  5. its OK. don't worry Dude there is no negative rep here. Your plant is tiny and it doesn't have legs it won't walk away. Leave it under sunlight/proper bulb for few days. Don't water it until dirt is dry. I assume you poked holes in that can's bottom and put in a soup plate? To prevent root rot. Leave that plant alone and update us with pics in your first thread when the thing grows to 3 inches

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