My plant and her nutes!

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  1. Alright, so my plant is three weeks old, and I think it's time that I no longer called it a sprout, it is now a growing plant. :)
    Heres where the hard part begins.. I know most experts wouldn't suggest using any MG products, but I am in Canada, and have no access to soil that contains worm castings, or any of those natural nutrients, so I picked up some MG Household Plant Food, it has a ratio of 8-7-6, is this worth using? If so, how much should be used? I'll provide some photos so you guys can tell me if you think it's time for nutes. Thanks for the help, in advance, incase I don't get to all of you!
  2. Pictures!

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  3. from what i hear some of the mg organic products are ok. the regular stuff has a list of ingredients that rival cigarettes... id avoid it. i imagine amazon will ship to canada (not sure though, when it comes to plant products) but they carry the full fox farm line...

  4. Would you be able to post a link for me? :bongin:
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    That should be ok for your veg cycle, it is pretty balanced with the nitrogen being a bit higher as most veg ferts are. The only bad things I have heard about mg is that it makes your smoke taste bad and that the time released ferts in the prenuted soil can causes issues.

    I went with Jack's Classic All purpose 20-20-20 and Bloom buster 10-30-20. Ordered it online, and for $10 plus shipping you get enough of each to last several grows. It isnt organic, if that is a requirement for you. However, I have seen several people say they have been using it for decades and love it. I just started using it on my mj. I have been using it on my regular house plants about two weeks and they have simply exploded in growth. Prior to that I was using a 12-8-8 time released fert that is produced locally. There isn't any comparison, I wish I knew about jacks two months ago.

    They also ship to Canada

  6. Wow, their prices are great! Thanks for the links by the way, I usually have a bitch over a time using google, no sarcasm intended. :eek:
    But as I was saying, $4 for an 8oz container? That's a pretty good deal! But as far as delivery goes, did a UPS/Fedex truck come to drop it off? Because for me that is an issue, I am not in my own home just yet and I don't need people snooping through my shit. :mad::devious:
    Anyways thanks so much for the input, and I think I'll give it a LITTLE bit of nutrients, just a smidge. I'll probably measure it out!
    Once again, thanks for the info, and I hope your plants do well! :bongin:
  7. Yea, I think mine came fedex. Yours may be different though since you arent in the states. Might be worth calling them to ask about shipping options. Shipping for me was about $8 I believe. Still not a bad price when compared to some of the other ferts out there.
  8. mg's main ingredient is urea, the short of it is, its a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum refinement, or ammonia with coal... that alone doesnt sound like something i want in my smoke... it causes a very high salt build up, which can in turn kill all the micro's in your soil. which isnt so bad if it rains every couple of weeks. there are acres and acres of farm land in ca that is not usable do to chem ferts like mg, and the salt build up making the ground useless. it also leaches into water tables, wells and so on, eventually making it out to an open water source causing algea blooms which deplete so much oxygen that it will kill all life around it.

    ive heard a few people say that it has arsenic and other crap of the like in it (here on gc) but i cant find it at the moment.

    you can read on why its bad for days. but people have used it w/o problems, just gotta be careful!

  9. Joker, you took the words right out of my mouth. The Fox Farm Trio is quite pricey, I haven't checked how much the weight of it all is, but still, their prices are up there! I think I'll be ordering some Jack Classic my friend.

    and DJ, I know, I know.. but I am using a very low concentration of it, say I filled a full cup, it would be 3/4 water, 1/4 plant food, maybe even less. I agree, MG products are quite sketchy, and they murdered my Northern Lights, R.I.P .. but I'm going to give it a chance because this plant is older, let's hope we have GOOD results.

    Thanks for the comments guy, OG. :bongin:
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    Good to know the technical info man, I had just read about everywhere to stay away from it.

  11. Yea, the fox farms stuff is rather pricey. Not saying it isnt worth it though, as this is my first grow. I looked all over, and was considering ordering the fox farms stuff as well. I ended up going with the jacks after seeing a couple people on here use it, and Uncle Ben over on rollitup used it for years as well. He's a wealth of knowledge if you ever want to do some reading, check out his threads over there. Some are well into 40+ pages but worth the time in my opinion. Ferts are like a lot of other things in this hobby, you get quite a few varying opinions and in the end all you can do decide what you want to go with and give it a try.

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