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My Plans :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xLively, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So tomorrow after school I'm leaving with my buddy to go down to Oklahoma for Spring Break. We can't go to Florida because we can't afford it. But we're going to this small like 300 population town where his grandma lives with his aunt, and they both smoke weed :D Bringing 5 grams of fifties and a joint. Gonna be down there till next friday.

    Then after spring break, I'm not gonna smoke until 4/20 to get my tolerance down. Gonna buy an ounce of OG for $250. :D Can't wait till 4/20... gonna be so lifted...

    What's everyone else's plans?
  2. Have fun man. I'm working and have classes. College spring breaks are already over with :(
  3. Bro story cool

    Did I do it right?

    No seriously. Have fun. Look forward to that 4/20. It'll be a ride I'm sure.
  4. I partied way too hard all day for a week on my spring break. Shit was crazy
  5. My 4/20 is going to consist of 6 friends, 6 ozs and my friends cabin. FUN TIMES
  6. My plans are to stay alive. Simple plan should go through no problems.
  7. Just picked up an ounce of dank for 150 and am going with like 6 friends to see the lorax in 3d after blazing.
  8. That sounds dope. I might borrow a friends mflb and go to it and vape in their. :D
  9. On 4/20 I think will be my first smoke from the end of tomorrow T-break I'm going to take, if that makes sense. I'm kinda high, so don't judge me. :laughing: Anywho, my friend is going to buy a fat sack for me and her to smoke that day, and we will take bong rips until the end of the freaking day. Hopefully I will have nothing going on that day :D
  10. No no nooo! don't bring that much herb to that state of all places! Cannabis is treated very very harshly down there.. I wouldn't risk losing that much weed and facing a long of time in prison

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