My plan to change the world view on Marijuana...Need Your Help! Please read!

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  1. *sigh*.... Can't any cannabis supporters make a decent looking website? Common people, take at least one web design class, just one.

    BTW, I'm totally on-board with this project :) I'm pretty busy with school and work, but I'll be checking back once I move into my new apartment to see how you guys are progressing and see what I can do to pitch in ;)
  2. I have no idea what I could do to contribute but if you got something for me let me know!!!
  3. More than happy to do whatever is necessary to help. Good work on this OP. PM inbound.
  4. The first bullet point should be something big like "marijuana can treat cancer".
  5. I would be willing to distribute these as soon as we get a solid presentable pamphlet. There has to be someone on the forum that is involved in PR/advertising/marketing that does this on a daily basis.

    We have to present this in a way that the average American will want to read it and not immediately throw it in the nearest trashcan. I don't know that a title like the truth about marijuana is going to generate that type of reaction. It's a start, sure, but the vast majority of the target audience will regard it the same way we think of the DARE propaganda.

  6. I didnt reference that site cuz of the design. The design isnt important buddy. Its the information references and citations it has. It has everything we need.

  7. Maybe the 1st bulletin can be " 25 astounding facts" ... That would instantly catch my attention. I dont know, just a suggestion
  8. i was hoping for the first one to sound like it was anti-marijuana, but then show that its not.....

    something like, "what effect marijuana really has on the body" or "how bad marijuana is for you"

    the words still dont sound right, but you get the idea.....
  9. I might start working on a rough draft of this when I get some free time..
  10. if anyone wants to do a rough draft like he does, you can make it and send me a pdf file on skype....ive added my skype name to my profile....
  11. GREAT idea OP! Perhaps contact NORML and tell them what you'd like to see accomplished? I'm sure they'd love to see this actually be done, you might even get support from them! That would be a HUGE step!
  12. i agree with all the other members...get this done and we can all work to pass these out...any steps we take to educate the brainwashed america will help.

    i talk about MJ to people i know are against it just so they consider the facts..maybe not today but someday they will switch teams to the pro medical mj or pro legalization.

  13. I know nobody has pointed towards it but please do not make the facts about USA only. I simply mean im from Canada, and nobody here would want to read about the politics of it in someone elses country.
    Ok even that sounds wrong to me but hopefully you all get what i am trying to say....
  14. I will definitely go around at night and leave these on everyone's doorsteps and cars all around town for a week once it's made!
  15. The pamphlet is a good idea. BUT one thing I have learned in my short time on this Earth is. . . if you want it done right, do it yourself.

    I have already made this flyer for my town and been posting this around my area for the last 3 months. You may use them if you like. Just change the phone number to contact your representative.

    I have had the most positive response posting this flyer in local bars, gas stations, hotels, and drive thrus.


    (There are three options.
    Poster Final.bmp is my favorite.
    Medical Poster final 2.bmp is good too. . . BUT
    Medical Poster final.bmp is best for places that don't want anything blatantly in support of pot. It will happen. TRUST ME
    ALSO printing full color is best, start with printing like 5.
    That will get you started.
    P.S. make sure you use File>>Page setup. . .
    Set all margins to 0
    Change the scaling to: Fit to 1 of 1 page(s))

    Let's get active, & make this happen.
    Talking about it is not enough, this flyer will be your voice when you are not around to be heard.

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    I like your effort, but i think what we had in mind were more of informative pamphlets, not posters that people can call because well, i personally don't know of anyone willing to put forth enough effort to accommodate all these random phone calls sporadically throughout the day.
  17. I think you might not understand what my flyers are. They have the phone numbers to contact my state representative. Although each person would have to use a site like - zip2dist then edit in their reps phone numbers, this is the route that needs to be taken. If we want to change the law, we need to work with the law. Educating people about every aspect of marijuana might help, but ultimately people need to call their elected officials to get it on the ballot.
  18. Do it and post it. I'll post it. EVERWHERE :smoke:
  19. im sorry your poster is not what we are talking about, i love the initiative though!!!

    my vision for this was to INFORM the uneducated public, not give a phone number to those who already know the benefits of it.

    what we are to do is to create a page worth of information with citations from scientific sources that everyone can trust. the poster you created, while looking cool, does nothing to help inform the ignorant public to the benefits and the real consequences of smoking pot, because they think due to their complete ignorance that it is as bad or worse than cigarettes and other drugs. if anything your poster would be an instant turn off to those who we wish to impact, the ignorant and uninformed. they will see the pot leaf and say something like "those fucking druggies". unfortunately your poster may even create more negative sentiment than you intended to. so much so that when we post our informative pamphlet, they may choose to just throw it away without even so much as a glance.

  20. i live in europe, so no worries about that :) i also want it translated into as many languages as we can possibly get....

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