My plan to change the world view on Marijuana...Need Your Help! Please read!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by growgreek, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. these are all amazing ideas!

    here are my thoughts on the comments from when i was sleeping :)

    no i do not think the title should include the word cannabis, as was said, most ignorant people do not know what that means, but the scientific name(s) cannabis sativa and cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis should all be included in one of the bullet points. this is going to be about education for the ignorant, and that is an important fact to understand...the name of our medicine.

    as far as a cover with a title, and please correct me if you think im wrong.....i dont think it should have a cover. in my mind i see a single 8.5x11 piece of paper with the information and title on one side, and with instructions for distribution on the back, including where to download a copy (was planning on setting the document as a torrent) so if someone like minded reads it, they too can help. i think a one page document is hard to ignore when you read the title. if you read the title, the truth about marijuana, or whatever we decide on, then their eye only has to move down slightly to read it, no pages to open, no decision to make whether to keep reading it, it will just be a natural progression for the eyes.

    and yes many ideas like this have come and gone. this one will stay. even if abandoned by many of you, i will stay the course. it is something i truly believe in, and this month i move to amsterdam, a city where they will be soon fighting for their right (which they have had for 30 years) to smoke. besides if we get enough people here who want to help, it will get done by the sheer numbers we have on our side :)

  2. i agree completely. it is pretty obvious that the person who wrote this site was high and not well educated. our information will not source sites like this. the ONLY info we will have will cite scientific research and well respected sources.
  3. all this love and no +rep

    sheesh, whats a guy gotta do for it

  4. Great idea
    I'm on board
  5. oh and as far as moving it to the smokers forum.....i was really hoping to get our own forum for this!!!
  6. ill distribute
  7. With regards to distributing pamphlets, it's definitely illegal to put them in mailboxes. Just to clarify, I worked for a canvassing company and when we distributed flyers our supervisor told us to leave them under the doormats or inside their glass doors.

    That way whent hey approach their house they see them and have to take note of them, but also to avoid the reprecussions from the law.

    Looking forward to helping with this idea as well!
  8. I really like this idea. If you make the pamphlet I will distribute. The title could be "The real truth about Marijuana" or "Marijuana: What the government didn't tell you." or "Marijuana:The natural medicine"

    If we decide to have a cover page I think it should be the marijuana leaf and by every leaf it should have one thing that marijuana can help. That would go very well with the third title.

  9. another vote for truth about marijuana! seems like the group favorite so far...

    those other titles you suggested will turn some people off before reading it. the key is to be honest but innocuous.
  10. If a pamphlet gets made, I'll make sure everyone I come in contact with gets one ;)
  11. can we get the title of this thread changed to "The Real Truth About Marijuana - A project for all of us blades"

    thanks mods!
  12. I am down for distributing!!
    I am also down to help with researching and citing!
    I like "The Real Truth About Marijuana" or "Marijuana: Did You Know"
    The idea of a pamphlet sounds better to me than just a piece of paper, seems more professional and organized to me....just my opinion.
    Also, is there anyone on here that could possibly create a website? Although I assume that it would cost money. Then a link could be provided that would show a TON more facts.

    My two cents...
  13. I'm not sure about the hemp oil curing forms of cancer but if it has actual scientific evidence behind it then I would imagine that would be the eye catcher of everyone
  14. Everyone look up Hempgate. You can find all your resources there to make this pamphlet
  15. I'm down. I'll leave it on cars around here.
  16. as far as making a website, i dont know if anyone is willing to do that, but if it is well written and correct citations, sites like norml and similar organizations will most definitely post it for us.
  17. I'm Down. Dude, the world needs change, I'm sick and tired of my favorite to do being illegal. Life would be so much better if it wasn't. You get this Pamphlet made. I'll spread it all over Ohio. Tell me if you need any help on it I know a lot about marijuana ;D
  18. Actually I'm down as well. Good job, OP. Honestly, I was apprehensive at first, but you won me.
  19. my idea of this "pamphlet" should be on a single piece of normal paper, that would make it easy for anyone to download the document as a .pdf file and print it out on their own printers. making every copy, no matter who prints it, exactly the same.

    also if it is in this single page format, there is no deciding whether to open it and read it, your eyes and natural curiosity will go down from the title to the body. the flip side of the page, again my vision for it, would be distribution stuff....where to do it, how to download the document, what NOT to do with it, etc.....

    well guys it seems like we have a lot of support....and we have a working title "The Real Truth About Marijuana"

    what should be the MOST important bullet point, the first one under the title, the fact that whether you agree with us or not, will get you thinking and make you want to read the rest....

    i have many ideas for bullet points, but not sure what is the MOST important and should be the FIRST on our document.....

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