My plan to change the world view on Marijuana...Need Your Help! Please read!

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  1. hey everyone-

    dont you all think it is time for things to change?

    want to stop talking about it and actually do something?

    complaining and talking about our frustrations doesnt work.

    so what will?

    lets give the whole world, and all its leaders the Truth about Marijuana.

    let us create a pamphlet, like those that we have all seen, you know those ones filled with lies and myths about our wonderful herb.

    my idea is simple....

    it might be best to have its own forum - maybe mods?

    each thread can discuss one of the bullet points to be published including citation from respectable sources.

    we can also have a thread to discuss distribution. i was thinking that if everyone who cared here would make a short list of the leaders in their areas...politicians, churches, police, things like that. not post them, but for themselves.

    when the pamphlet is finished we can make it a .pdf document that can easily be printed by all.

    you then can mail a few of them to the leaders in your lists, and/or distribute them how you please. like leaving them on cars at malls or handing them out on the street. whatever...

    if we can make a REAL TRUTH ABOUT MARIJUANA pamphlet and cite every point we make with multiple respectable sources and distribute in multiple languages across the globe and online.....maybe just maybe WE, the blades of grasscity, can truly affect some real change in the world.

    most of the problems we face is due to complete ignorance. so why not help to solve that? instead of complaining and talking about it as we have all been doing for oh so long....lets work together to actually do something.

    maybe it wont do anything, maybe it will....but if one person gets educated about the truth, and that one person has any influence, that one person will tell others....they will tell more....perhaps making some difference.

    besides, we all are stoners sitting online chatting anyways....why not have a purpose instead of boredom :D
  2. That's actually a really good idea. It worked for Thomas Paine when he published Common Sense.
  3. I like the idea, im down.. & WTF why hasnt anybody else commented?? Tisktisktisk
  4. Really, REALLY great idea. I'm definitely doing this for my neighborhood. Gonna make a pamphlet now, and distribute them in mailboxes. Once the GrassCity one is done, I'll go door-to-door with those. :)
  5. I'm not 100% on this, but I think that is against the law. Need a permit to distribute anything in mailboxes I believe. Just a heads up to be careful.
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    Well, damn. This sucks even more considering some of my neighbors are cops.. Oh well, door-to-door, I guess. Or leave them on the doorsteps? Or hang them on the doorknobs with a rubber band?
  7. in the usa, the law states that only certified mailmen can place anything in a mailbox. there is nothing stating that you cannot leave one in every door, or on their car window.

    there are some malls though that say on signs in the parking lot that you cannot advertise on car windows, but that is mainly for those club and bar flyers. since we are not a company and not advertising or selling anything, and there is no central person to sue if caught, i dont think it would matter much.

    also i am going to contact the lulz security hacker group via their new phone hotline and ask them to post it on as many anti drug sites they can find. maybe get it as a super mass mail to everyone in the world. lets see what they have to say after we finish it.

    im very surprised only a few people want to join us on far at least....

    it may be a simple plan, and only have small results, but like you said, thomas paine had the same plan, and we all know what his results are....if you dont i will tell you, it helped to start the revolutionary war against the brits in the usa before it was usa.

    all he did was right up his thoughts and ideas and based everything on fact. i truly believe with the numbers that grasscity has we can do this well. i will also include norml in this as well as some other international medical marijuana groups. but will only do so after we have good content with full citations.
  8. You make the pamphlet, i'll print it out and distribute
  9. back to where to leave it....

    the churches are the main source of disinformation of marijuana, and it is based on the church leaders not having any real knowledge.

    lets get dangerous, pass them out or leave stacks on church doorsteps, or college buildings.

    stay away from minors please!!! that will only lead to trouble.

    for the guy who said he would make his own pamphlet, i would advise against it....for just one reason, without the proper wording and proper citations, it may cause a negative reaction. any negative reaction BEFORE we start to deliver great honest content would negate any positive change that our message could possibly deliver.

    lets do this right and take our time. the laws have been in place for over half a century, taking a few weeks or months to get this right wont hurt any.

    lets make some real positive change in the world. :)
  10. if enough interest is made, im sure the mods will help us with a dedicated forum under the activism for it.

    but that will only happen if enough people want to help contribute.

    any ideas you have now, post them here for now....
  11. I think this is a GREAT idea, we just need to get EVERYONE or close to it on GC to help and distribute
  12. just so everyone is clear, unless someone else chooses to volunteer, i will write the document and make it in a clear concise readable format then post it for editing by the english teachers we have here and for translation by the multinationals we have here.

    i can do one in english and a greek translation.

  13. Well, when you are writing the pamphlet and need a study, if you click that first link in my sig, you'll find the references you need to refute the old lies and a bunch more! I got them all in a nice neat bunch, just waiting for you kids click the link and start reading!

    And when it's all written, send it to me in a PM and I'll proof read it for you. (My field of employment is in education, so it would be just one more paper to correct. lol)

  14. once this pamphlet is made i will gladly distribute them, i think this is a great idea. lets get working on this..
  15. Dude you get this pamphlet made and ill distribute down here in Houston. :hello:

  16. LOL

    i had you in mind when i mentioned the proof reading by teacher ;)
  17. I'll distribute, contribute, anything! This is well worth my time. PM me any topic to find info on, I'll get sources and excellent info. I'm down AS FUCK lol
  18. Im on board. Have an overwhelming feeling to do something with purpose and be a part of something as my life evolves. theres too many of us not to do anything.

  19. before we actually start the writing of it, lets first see if we can get enough support from our fellow blades, maybe if we do the wonderful moderators will create us a forum just for this, so we can be very well organized...hint hint :)

    in my head i see a forum with threads for distribution ideas, and a thread for each bullet point so we can discuss it, or argue LOL, and provide citations for it. remember the more citations we have for each point we make the more REAL and TRUTHFUL it will sound to the uninformed who read it.

    also threads for those who want to help with the editing and translations of it so it can be produced in multiple countries across the globe

    what do you think about that?
  20. thanks guys....

    and remember each time you post a reply in this thread it gets bumped up to the top :)

    i love the enthusiasm from you so far! i started this thread just a couple hours ago and look at how many readers and posters! soooo excited!!!

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