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  1. I am starting a new plant in my closet and the seeds are germinating right now. I have a 3 gallon pot filled to the tob with a mix of 1/4 Perlite, 1/4 Shpagnum Peat Moss, and 2/4 Pure organic soil. I have 2 desk lamps, one with a 30 watt cfl and one with 45 watt cfl. One problem I have is that since the 45 watt passes far out of the desk lamp it shines all over the closet and not just directly on the plant, is there a way to concentrate the light source? Thanks alot to anoyne who takes the time to read this.
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  2. Just keep it 2-3 inches from the top of the plant and it will be okay. If you're handy, you could fashion an extended "hood" out of sheet metal and screw it into the existing hood.
  3. you need to scrape some money for some more cfls

  4. Really? 2 cfl's will be over 3000 lumens for just 1 plant, thats not enough?
  5. Yes, you can't have too much light. You could get a couple of Y splitters and double your light right away. THe more the merrier!!
  6. Go to Target or Wal-mart and grab some clip on lights that you can clamp to your pot and that will provide you with a great way to concentrate the light close to the plant. Make sure your closet is either painted white or use some mylar to keep the light reflecting throughout your closet. There's a great guide on using CFLs in the Indoor Grow Section of the site too so I'd suggest reading it and taking that advice and definently make sure you have a good way to bring in some fresh air and exhaust the air out so you keep a good mixture of O2 and CO2 in your room, as well as a good humidity meter with a therometer built in, you can find those at stores for around $12, great investment.


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