My plan for my first grow, any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Ok I love marijuana, i hate that the money i pay for it ends up funding crime. I have been wanting to grow for a while but since i moved back in with my parents it is has been impossible. I plan on moving out within the next 2 months and i have started looking for the supply i will need to start growing. Here is what i have so far.

    Seeds: I will be using bag seed since this is my first grow i don't really want to waste money on buying seeds that could end up dieing from a beginners mistake.

    Lighting: I was thinking of ordering a 250W HPS+MH light from ebay. Its 160$ and comes with everything you need including both flashbulbs, hanging kit and a free timer.
    Here is the link:
    250 WATTS HPS+MH DIGITAL GROW LIGHT GIANT HOOD BALLAST - eBay (item 180497838234 end time May-22-10 11:00:21 PDT)

    Grow Tent: I was looking at this 36''X20''X62'' grow tent from the same store as the lights. It has a full mylar interior for about 100$.
    Link: NEW REFLECTIVE INTERIOR GROW TENT CABINET HYDROPONICS G - eBay (item 180501476646 end time May-30-10 23:22:36 PDT)

    Fans&Filter: I plant on making a carbon filter from PVC and using a pair of 6" metal fans i already have.

    Meters & Testers: I know i will need to buy a ph meter, thermometer, whatever the thing to measure humidity is called, and a voltage meter to keep a track of how much electricity im using.

    What do you all think i dont want to order something and then realize it not what i needed.

    Questions i have.
    Im not sure if i should plant in dirt or try growing hydroponically. What method do you all recommend? What is different in yield and quality?

    How much would does a typical grow smell even with a carbon filter. I plan on moving to an apartment and i don't want my neighbors being able to smell it. Would a carbon filter do enough to remove the smell or would i need additional filtration.
  2. You wont need a voltage meter for growing, you could get one but its not necessary for MJ to grow.

    As for the method, I would recommend that you start in soil first. If its available where you live you should buy Fox Farms Ocean Forest and some Perlite. The perlite helps with the drainage for the water. I think that hydroponics is for the more experienced growers. I dont know if there is a big difference in yield or quality.

    Here is a link in order to prevent the smell from getting out of control: Its how I use to make sure my parents didnt find out I was smoking marijuana. Now they dont care, so I just put it in our new grow room.

    You should also read up on things like Macronutrients and pH levels. Read around the GC forums a little bit and im sure you'll have a successful grow.

    Have fun! :smoking:
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    I know i dont need a voltage meter but i want to keep track of how much money im spending for my grow. i was already thinking about useing soil because i have heard it easyer than hydro growing thanks for reasuring me that its the right choice.I dont think there is any place around my area that sells the fox farms brand is there something i could find at home depot or lows that is of a similar quailty. I have already checked up on ph and micro nutrients i just cant wait to start applying everything i have learned to make some hopefully great bud.
  4. Sounds like you got everything down, especially compared to my set up lol. Good luck with your grow, hit us up with pics when u get er done.
  5. Any organic soil is a good way to go. You can add your own nutrients to the soil from there if you choose (recommended).

    I started with organic soil, and Fox Farm Big Bloom. For flowering I am also using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom. Just an option, but it is inexpensive and efficient. I bought the FF products online and paid less than 40 bucks for a quart of each. (Can't remember where, but there are links and threads on GC with information on reliable online sources)

    Good luck!
  6. I've seen you say that exact same thing on like 10 different posts lol, but thanks for the advice.
  7. Damn dude!! thats a well constructed question and you seem to be doing all the reasearch well in advance(+rep) you will have a great grow if you stay slow and keep up with the reading here. anything I can do to help just ask, again, good question.

    there are some DIYs on carbon scrubbers on here that are pretty good and it kills a huge amount of scent if used properly.

    I always recomend soil to a new grow, thats what god intended and its a great learning tool as far as the plants NATURAL habits and responces go. I also thin soil grows taste better.

    work on cloning right out of the gate. if you kill one off or mess somethin up its good to have a replacement. I cloned a plant about a thousand times and threw most away after they rootedjust to master the art. I havent had one die in years now. cloning is your lifeline when you first start out with the REAL strains. AREO cloners are very easy to master.
  8. Haha, what can I say. It's worked wonders for me, and I only wish that upon the rest!! Ha, there are threads for more NUTE info too. They will help you make your decision.
  9. you do know that there is an entire chapter for this in these forums, right?

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