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    In this Thread. I'm going to tell you my grow plan for next season.
    I want to try and grow in Indiana. I have some questions, yes I've searched them no one gives a straight forward answer, so I just want your opinions. Please read all I'm a noobie so be nice.

    Strain: Mandala #1. Best strain for northern climates
    My soil Mixture: I plan to Use FFOF. Since it's one of the best. And 30% Of Perlite. I don't want to full around with the peatmoss, and lime etc. Will start seedlings in a different soil. Since that may be too hot.
    Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio

    Now I may be able to start the Plants off Indoors.
    No matter what I will start them in solo cups.
    If I have to start them outdoors, could I put all the cups in a clear tub, maybe try to put some reflective shit on the sites of tub to reflect sun.
    Also, kinda dumb question, could I leave the lid on it, or do they need air, lol (clear lid just asking since would stop critters and shit). I guess I could just poke some holes in it.

    Anyways, after they grow big enough. I will plan them in 10 gallon buckets or something to that sort. Using FFOF and 30% Perlite. After a month I will feed them a half does of Fox Farm, and start moving up every four waterings. I will also use molasses ever other watering the whole grow.

    How many bags of soil does it take to fill 10 gallons?

    So tell me how my plan is. I've been reading for a few months now.
  2. Also, I left how I would be watering.

    The reason I don't want to do holes in the ground is since. It's in a field. So don't want critters to eat the roots.

    Anyways in my own property so would be checking them everyday to see how dry soil is.

    Bascially ride atv back there and check each day.
  3. 1 bag of soil is 15 gallons iirc. If you are not doing them in ground then do at least 40 to 100 gal smart pots. I do all mine in ground so I don't got to worry as much about em droopin durin hot days or the flushes. But if I could grow on my property id do 60 gallon smart pots to get a couple pounds per plant.

  4. Thanks. Plan to do 10 plants. But first time. I rather not spend that much on soil.

    So I'll prob do 9 15 gallon pots. So that's 9 bags of soil. Than plus a 30 gallon for a big mother fucker. So that's about 11 bags of soil. Since you said it's 15 gallons a bag.
  5. I would say duck the spendy pots get great big cheap totes drill a hundred holes in them and spend my budget on lots of good soil..the dirt is where it's at

  6. Money not really an option. As the max those smart pots are gonna be is like 100 bucks for all of them.

    But, curious what kinda of soil mix you suggest I use?
  7. As a guerrilla grower, I personally am fond of the one mother nature provides for free. However, if you are determined to make your own, you may want to spend some time over in the Organic Growing - Forums section. There are some growers over there that make some award winning organic mixes.

    Good luck with your first grow, chief. You're in for a real treat.
  8. I assume you are guerrilla growing if that is the case consider the following situations:

    OH SHIT!!!! there are bugs eating my plants
    And my least favorite
    OH SHIT!!! is that mold!?!?

    look up something called "neem" and then for the mold maybe look up hydrogen peroxide mixture or baking soda mixture. The last two can help treat/prevent molds and fungus growing on your plant but can be rather dangerous to your plant if you don't get the solution correct.
  9. techno has a good point for you to follow here... and actually not just for guerrilla but any outdoor grow can benefit from neem..... but two quick things;

    1. research it and use it PROPERLY... improper application will render the neem useless.

    2. don't listen to the neem naysayers (9 out of 10 times they are lacking the ability to read and therefore can't follow instructions). Instead ask someone who at least can spell 'organic chemistry'.

    neem is sexy, remember that.... anti-feedent, reproduction disruptor, bio-stimulator...... oh, and for a really good time, let your final neem mixture flirt with a cilantro tea :wave:
  10. No I'm not guerllia growing.

    It's in my own field in the way back.
  11. Any other thoughts?
  12. Yup, subscribe as much time as you can to these forums. READ READ READ!!

    Enjoy - You are in for the ride of your life. Growing is awesome!

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