My plan: cleaning up for probation DT

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    I have smoked one joint the past three nights and I have a probation drug test on Feb 25th. I just want your opinion on my plan to hopefully pass. I won't be smoking any more while on probation because it's too much stress worrying about whether I'm gunna pass or go to jail...

    A. Today is the tenth, start exercising today and every day until the 25th.
    B. Start drinking lots of water every day
    C. Two days before, on the 23, start taking prescription diuretics and continue drinking lots of water
    D. On the night before and day of the test take a vitamin B-12 supplement and continue drinking lots and lots of water all day until my test
    E. Catch sample in the middle of urination to avoid strong metabolite count..

    What do you think? :eek:
  2. drinking tea helps a lot
  3. Good luck, God speed.

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