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my pipes

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by HomegrownPunk, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. a pic of my lovelys :)

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  2. this is a pic of the hooka i got in the village in NYC...i found this pic on a website, so i stole it ;)

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  3. here's my bong...except mine's blue...and yes! it's INFLATABLE!! :D

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  4. Hmm, how's that inflateable hit? I've always wondered if those were a worthwhile investment, seems that they would make a great travel bong. Anyone that's used one, drop me a little feedback if ya would.
  5. HIGH All, nice pipes!! I have one Almost the same.

    Inflateable Bongs gotta love it *LOL*

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  6. sweet pipes. i wish i had a scanner so i could show you mine
  7. i think there should be a sticky on pics of people's pieces :D anyone? mods? lol
  8. here are my 2 good friends; bob, and the big orange puff!!!!!!!!!

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  9. yeah,and how does that infaletabul bong hit?
  10. nice bong
  11. it's not the best, because if you suck too hard, it kind of collapses and shoots nasty water into your mouth, but if you know how to use it, and don't try to inhale the bong itself, it hits nice and smooth :D
  12. ~sighs~ i miss bong hits. mine broke.

    Cheers up and reminds himself about the new glass hitter%

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