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My pipe confiscated in Friends possession

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokey Tha Bear, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. #1 Smokey Tha Bear, Apr 12, 2012
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    Hey GC! So, the other day my friend was driving back to our hometown (ATX :cool:) and on the drive back got pulled over and consented to a search (officer only asked if he could search b/c friend has a wallet like this :

    Anyway, after he consented the officer found the weed he had and MY pipe....

    So, my question is if it is a dick move to ask him to replace it, especially considering how much bullshit he's going to have to deal with in court for a possession charge. (lawyer fees)

    Edit: Also keep in mind I was being nice by letting him borrow my pipe for the drive back, I was not there when in happened

    Thanks! :hello:
  2. Yeah... he's taking all the blame? Including for your pipe?

    And you want to ask him to buy you a new one? wtf? Cmon dude...
  3. I'd personally still expect the money for my pipe back.
  4. Wait a bit, if he's a bro he should offer to replace it, unless its like a cheaper pipe
  5. Dont ask dude. I just got charged with possesion and the last thing I would want to worry about is replacing my friends pipe. But if you do end up asking be nice about it and dont nag him. Also, R.I.P to your pipe. Fuck pigs.
  6. if he took the blame, you better not even hint at asking for a new pipe...

  7. hes rightfully taking all the blame, possession is 9/10 of the law
  8. Also keep in mind OP your pipe is going to get him in more trouble than his weed will.
  9. Were you with your friend? If not, I don't know why people are saying he took all the blame.. who else is going to???

    It doesn't sound like you were with him, to me, anyway. Were you?
  10. Yah he should, He should have also declined the search
  11. No, that's why i'm not sure what to do

    Also::: It wasn't an expensive pipe....but it had a lot of sentimental value to me
  12. lol...that's what everyone told him afterwards
  13. Are you fucking serious, he took the fucking charges and you're really gonna ask him to replace it. Wow just wow, move on.
  14. you should buy your friend a pipe and say "sorry i got you more charges on your record man"

    people these days
  15. I wasn't there..I loaned him MY pipe so that he could smoke on the way back (actually....i dont remember him asking if he could take it but i wouldnt have said no if he did)
  16. How much was it?? If its an expensive piece then I can see, otherwise I'd just tell my buddy buy me a shot.
  17. Its definitely proper to ask for a replacement.

    He was the idiot who didn't know how to exercise his rights properly. He's the idiot carrying around a flashy ass wallet like that.

    He owes you a new pipe.
  18. I would want him to replace it just because it seems like a really really really really stupid move to not only whip out your rasta colored wallet with the big ass pot leaf in front of the police, but then to consent to a search knowing you have weed/paraphernalia in your car.

    His poor judgement directly led to to the loss of your piece.
  19. #19 TheWhiteLighter, Apr 12, 2012
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    Well it's just not your pipe anymore, is it? You may have lent it to him but big deal. He got nabbed with your property.

    If you gotta ask this question I suggest you do some serious reading on stoner ettiquette ROOK.

    He's taking the fall and you're wondering if you should ask him to replace YOUR (albeit) former pipe? Wow, just WOW.

    Sometimes when I browse these forums I am left shaking my head wondering how me and my friends ever made it to adulthood as smokers without the internet. I guess we were just raised different and were possibly smarter and less self absorbed.

    Suck it up dude, life isn't fair sometimes.

    I really don't know OP, but you should be asking yourself "Why would I ever think about asking this ridiculous question?"

    Me personally I would just replace my pipe with a new one on my own. Your friend is in enough shit without you being petty.
  20. I didn't buy it, it was a gift from a good friend in high school...had a lot of memories that went with it.

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