My Pineapple Chunk starting journal on day 27

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  1. Day 27: here are some pics. Plant 1 is on the right, plant 2 is on the left.








  2. The pants look like they need some nutrients to get beefed up.... I would suggest training your plant with topping and lst'ing the new growth. I've let three plants just grow with no training.... The results are heart breaking once you see a little training would've increased yield
  3. I am growing the PC from seed right now as well. Once it gets about 4-5 nodes in height, i would start fimming. I would do it twice for sure. The plant recovers awesome from it. I would also lollipop them a bit a week before flower so they have time to recover and fill out before going into 12/12. Mine look more like little christmas trees compared to your palm trees.
  4. Both of the guys in our avatars have glasses, which means we know what we are talking about lol

  5. I agree with you. I don't have it where I live lol so its harder for me to find the time to go out and the nutrients (partially i forget to take them with me when i go there haha) But I just learned about the LST method a few days ago. this is my first grow, so I am still learning everyday. It looks a little less than macho because i have been taking off the fan leaves, and I have been in a gnat war. So progress has slowed in last week or so. Thanks for the advice! :)
  6. Interesting, what is the lollipopping technique? idk if you meant to put fimming? if so, what is that? I have read it in some places but not everyone is good at explaining. Crash course, sir? Ill be putting into 12/12 on the 14th or 15th. Its a palm tree because of trimming of the larger "sun" blocking leaves. It was beastlier than before. Plus the strain has a 50/50 slow/fast growth. I happen to have one of each.

  7. I always trust people in glasses!!!:cool:

    Creepy Van driving, Glasses wearing Pedo says "Get in the car I got candy"... I hop in that whip. haha
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    First of all, very cool using the LST method, had no knowledge of it until i found your thread fonz! Will definitely attempt it next time.

    My first grow which is also pineapple chunk .. I started with 2 seeds just in case, expecting only 1 to sprout but now i have 2 lol Its a very simple closet set up. Temp stays a beautiful 80ish all day, I keep a good airflow, I am using a 150w HPS light which i got from sun systems for about $100 from my local hydroponics store.. Works great as it is a full spectrum light and requires no added light systems, and roughly costs me $0.20 a day for 18/6. I read a lot about PC before beginning my grow and am continuing to understand it better.
    I read around and found a good rough estimate on the veg and flowering. 34 veg/103 flower days. I am on day 27 btw. Also, with this strain I found that 50% of seeds grow extremely fast (I call her plant 1) and 50% grow very slow (Plant 2). I have one of each which is very entertaining to me and great as I get to witness both sides in one grow. I trim my fan leaves to allow my bottom stems catch more of the light. My stems thankfully are both sturdy and thick. I am growing in soil, ROOTS ORGANIC. I am in the middle of a Fungus Gnat War, just sprinkled cinnamon on the soil. Hopefully they should be gone soon. > The difference in plant size is about 1.5x.... Plant 1 vs. Plant 2. My light times are less than scheduled, give or take an hour or 2 difference each day when turning lights on and off on average my lights are on 16-18 each day, but hey, that's how nature is right? lol My plants are already producing chronic smells. Very excited, but not for that ridiculous flower time. Patience is a virtue which i must remind myself of. Plant height is something I am worried about, I have tried to keep the light closer to lessen the stretching. LST seems the way to go next time.

    BTW: I started this thread from my original posting, which i have included above. It will give you some background info on my babies. I didnt know how to post pics in other peoples post.. so just made my own :p noobin it up this guy has a good grow.
  9. Fimming is almost the same as topping. It means Fuck I Missed. You basically cut off about 80% of the top node. They say it is less stressful on the plant with the same results. Lollipopping is when you clean/trim off the bottom branches and any small branches on the inside of the plant on the main branches so no useless energy is used trying to grow crappy popcorn buds and is used growing the major buds. Good example off all of this can be seen on GrowerMD's YouTube channel.
  10. Here is my 2 seedlings i am growing into mothers for cloning


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