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  1. hey guys im new to the website so i figured i would show off my new piece and my older pieces

    I had a LUX single perc and i sadly knocked it over on the title so it broke it in half, surpisingly i wasnt that mad about it b/c it was my 2nd lux and my friend broke my first one so he gave me his( he had the same one) so the next day i go bong shopping and find the LAST MGW straight it was a score for 150 bucks i was gonna buy a roor but i dont like the ice catch, the mgw was cheaper

    here she is!!!!


    This is my mobile piece( I dont like bowls)

    and this is the whole family ( the middle one was my first bong and its still hitting like a champ)
  2. I need to get one of those fancy onehitters, I had one 5+ years ago and used it everyday until it hit the concrete. Thanks for reminding me to replace it, nice collection.
  3. thanks screw! yeah at a local head shop i got one for 12 bucks! they are so cheap, i dropped my first one out of my car while trying to clear it haha, i did get out to go look but it was gone! good luck with the one hitter hunt!

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