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  1. Hello everyone? Nice and stoned today? My first post here on grasscity and I thought I would share a picture of my smoking devices before a quick rainy afternoon BC sesh.


    The big blue guy on the left is Percules the little pipe in the middle (Which i only use for THC) is Mr. Bean and the dirty old bastard on the right is Bowser.

    Lemme know what ya think

    - Happy toking
  2. looks sweet man, love bowser. Where did you get it/how much?
  3. i have that exact same blue bowl
  4. Percules was 180 and Bowser was 150. I got both of them from a little corner shop on shaughnessy street in Port Coquitlam, BC. Very good shop plenty of selection for just about anything you need and all reasonably priced.
  5. +rep for the Rasta bong... the mouthpiece on that thing is sick!
  6. I actually had a rasta bong in my old collection before i had a fatal mishap.


    That whit guy on the left is Barack Obonga. I sold him to a friend, she fell in-love with it at first sight.

    The bong in the middle was Bong Gnarly and the little double bubble pipe infront of him was Adolf Hootler. I knocked Bong Gnarly over one day by accident, he fell over killed Adolf then rolled onto the floor and smashed.

    Bowser used to have a 3 treed perculator, you can just see the green remains at the bottom of the stem there.

    My bong empire was once glorious but its back on its way. :)
  7. oh shit how did the perc break?
  8. The bong was left outside while a sesh was going on in the backyard. Everyone except one person came in for a drink and we came back and it was broken. The kid denied anything so it beat the hell outta me :p. Two of the trees initially broke off so i just straightened a coat hanger and poked at the rest until it was hootable. Works fine now but just isnt the same :(

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