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  1. this is what I currently have,

    This bowl is my favorite, nice sized carb and hits nice. Its a little thin, but pyrex.
    Named it arizona. The pics dont really show it, But The design on it looks alot like the arizona tea w/ raspberry can. Its a color changer, its about halfway changed. turning purple and blue. the yellow is where light has came through. just longer than a bic.

    This is my friends bowl that i borrowed and have had for a long time. named it zoey, after my friends cat. small carb, but it hits ok. About as long as a bic.

    This is my bong, No names. used 2 sockets and a piece of metal tubing to make a slide, the bowl comes out. sealed with paintball O rings. made it out of a beer cup that was just begging to be made into a bong.

    :hello: next piece is an EHLE 250ML
  2. I really like the two spoons.
  3. the second spoon is sick ass
  4. Got some nice spoons there dont ya!:D

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