my piece is very upset becasue she has no name yet.

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  1. just a bubbler i picked up at my local quik stop a few months ago, but shes in desperate need of a name, and i am not creative at all.

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  2. SideCar Sally
  3. nice bubb man... im jealous, if i had it it be called "The Blue Bomber" cuz its blue and dat shits the bomb
  4. Get high and think of a name. Don't let someone who will never smoke out of it name it for you

  5. i really like this one, but instead of calling it sidecar sally i'd wanna call it sidecar sammy. not trying to just change gender on ya, i just think it sounds cooler.
  6. I would have said the same except he said she has no name yet;)
  7. I would but i havent been able to use it for like three weeks because since i've started college i haven't had anywhere to use it yet, i've only been able to use my little spoon.
  8. The cauldron!
  9. "Hydro"....Fuckin Nice Bub:D
  10. Well then, give her a light and then give her a name!:smoke:

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