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My pickup thread(updated whenever i get new stuff)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BayArea408, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I wont be updating this thread to often cuz i dont smoke that much. Now onto the pictures.

    Picture 1:No-name(without flash)
    Picture 2: No-name(with flash
    Picture 3: 2 different types of hash, not sure what strains they were made from
    Picture 4: GDP
    Picture 5: GDP (from another angle)
    Picture 6: Pink Maui (without flash)
    Picture 7: Pink Maui (with flash)
    Picture 8: Pink Maui, No-name, and GDP
    Picture 9: A bowl of No-name topped off with some hash
    Picture 10: My hammer with some No-name and hash, Pink Maui, No-name, and GDP

    Attached Files:

  2. nice nugs & glass dude
  3. *bump* Kickass. all im gunna say. kickass...:eek:
  4. nice stuff man
  5. nice weeds and piece
  6. holy shit, that little salad bowl looks delicious
  7. nice stuff man. How much did you pay for the hash? and how much did you get?
  8. thanks man, i actually just smoked it like an hour ago and im lifted right now. i wouldnt really call it salad bowl tho, only 2 different things but it sure got me ripped:D

    i actually got it for free from a friend cuz he owed me, i dont really remember why he owed me anything thats the best part, and i had 1.2 grams of it total, like the chunk that doesnt look shiny was bigger when i first got it
  9. damn nice haha.

    Ive been trying to find a decent hash hook (got no where to make it) but havent been able to find one.
  10. yeah man i dont know of any people who sell hash, most of the time when my friends have hash is when they get it from the clubs, i guess people are to lazy to make it
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  11. Looks delicious bro. If you get the chance, get blazed and head to Sam's BBQ on Bascom:smoke:.

  12. :confused:
  13. '

    oh shit man i meant like there was no name and hash in the hammer, then like the names of the nugs, sorry bout that, dont worry bout it bro im definately having a gdp, no-name, pink maui, and hash salad bowl tomorrow :bongin:

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