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My Pickup of "Purple Kush"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ratoe, May 16, 2010.

  1. This is some purple kush that came from cali and made its way to Atl.

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  2. Damn thats really dense. Looks good haha.
  3. Thats being called purple kush? It doesn't even really seem that dank to me.

  4. ....

    thats some nice dank condensed buds. nice shit man.
    what strain is the bottom one?
  5. Well in no way does it look like purple kush, not trying to flame or troll, just saying.
  6. Naw dude im sure its purp man its been all around the states lately.

  7. Really? well damn then. it probably would look better if i saw it in front of me instead of on a computer screen to.
  8. i bet it does look better in person. ive posted pics of some dank tht turned out lookin like swag haha. coz of my shitty cell phone pics.
  9. that is seedy as hell though. I see like 4 seeds in that bottom nug. I dont have seeds at alll.
  10. I read somewhere that not all purple kush'es have to be purple.
  11. There is bud in ATL that is better than that. I hope you didn't get charged a lot because it came "all the way from cali"...

    A lot of people might throw a generic strain name and then mention "cali" to sell bud for a higher price than what it should be sold for.

    Hows the high? Hope you enjoy...

  12. agree.
  13. Looks like some schwaggy but hows it taste?
  14. yeah it wouldn't necessarily have to be purple because you can plant a seed from weed that was purple, and if it is grown in warmer conditons it probably wont be purple. But i have to agree with a couple of the posts. I see seeds and from the pic it doesn't look great. of course its a small low quality picture so its hard to say.

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