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My Pickup In Negril, Jamaica

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by JaY PizzL, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. If I can get this pic on here. Got it all for $80 USD. Had some purple skunk and some other no name stuff. But names don't mean much. Got like 3 beans in the whole thing. Shit was actually purple and it all looks like it got dipped in some polyurethane or something, really shiny. Decent amount of trichs. Def a sativa high. Smoked it all day and never got that couchlock feeling. Had about an ounce I'd say. Had some finger hash, space cakes. Everything is readily available to anyone down there. Place is amazing. Already picked one stem full of bud clean. Awesome place mon! Def recommend it to any stoner looking for an awesome vacation. Also went to Rick's Cafe and did a likkle cliff jumping!

  2. Holy Ganja:eek:

    Beautiful land Jamaica is.
  3. That's the place Nitro Circus went right? Sounds like a fun ass vacation if I've ever heard of one

  4. Beautiful isn't even the word!

  5. I think it was from what I remember. It was amazing man.
  6. Man that stuff looks awesome! All around, looks like a fun trip!:D

  7. Ya mon!
  8. looks like it came from a weed tree, look at those stems!
  9. Those are some SPEARY sativas.
  10. Thanks for this post. Just the look of that first pic puts a big smile on my face. It makes me think of what ganja should be like. It looks so classic. I'd take what you had there over any crystally named dank any day. Then the pics of the cliffs and the ocean are breathtaking. Good vibes man.
  11. Jah mon! Lucky dude, actually might be going there over winter break, i really hope it works out cuz i wanna try out some Jamaican 'erbss mon :smoking:
  12. WOW, I need to move to Jamaica!
    That nug looks pretty decent, and the pricing is great.
    And those stems? Those are the best part, I would be making brownies in no time if I got stems that big, its so hard to save them up when you only get a little at a time.
  13. looks nice
  14. Nice Bob Marley bud.

    but DAMN...that water is AMAZING!

  15. Glad to make you happy mon! It def was some damn good ganj. I'd pay dank prices for that in the U.S. The beautiful thing is though is it's sooo cheap in Jamaica. You could smoke that shit all day and never feel blahhhh. I'm already missing it baaaad! THe water looked like a damn swimming pool! So crystally clear.

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