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my picks for best bud.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stoned to Sleep, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Of all the buds I've smoked my favorites so far are:

    Best taste/smell: Grapefruit (indica)
    Best high: Big red (60% indica, 40% sativa)
  2. Its so mean to pick favorites.
  3. Each strain I sample is like my baby, I couldnt pick a favorite. its mean to the rest of them :D

    actually i like W. Widow x Donkey D. the best. But they all have there time and place.
  4. well, round here we dont get strains often at all,

    i smoked blueberry in bc last year on spring break (5 more days til i do so again lol)

    i got some northern lights a few weeks ago in my hometown, good shit.

    ive smoked better bud than these but never knew the names of any... just referred to as fifties or chronic
  5. blueberry
    northern lights
    juicy fruit
    and white widow
    are my favorites

    too hard to choose though
  6. Most of the stuff I smoke around here doesnt have a name or anything but my top 3 favorite weed strains that I have known a name for is:

    1.)White Widow x Northern Lights #11 - one hit outta a gravity bong and I was gone...
    2.)Blueberry - smoked it all summer for 30$ an 1/8 which is cool with me...
    3.Bubblegum x Big Bud - very nice shiznit. it tasted like..... bubblegum !!!

  7. WEAK ASS SHIT ! Northern Number Lights number 5, 11, or original, and new york knockout. Gotta love them all though. Just say no to shwag.

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