my pick-up (photos)

Discussion in 'General' started by hunteraugustine, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. 4g afgahn kush
    4g crystal kush
    small amount of skywalker OG kush
    1g kush kief
    1g l.a. confidential hash
    2 chocomint brownies and 2 peanut butter bars
    yay for dispensaries
  2. people usually put non-weed threads in recreational marijuana use, a weed sub forum

    but never have i seen a weed thread in General, a non-weed sub forum :hello:
  3. wow dude thats alot of fuckin thc
  4. haha
    i know man
  5. you are one lucky s.o.b haha.

    happy tokeing
  6. Grat pickup, everything looks tasty!

    Mind telling us how much you paid for all of that? I'm curious what they charge in those LA dispensaries...
  7. it cost around 245. but that also included a pitara filter, two boxes of incense, one of which was free, and three other brownies with it, that i had eaten before taking the pictures :) :smoking:
    i think it was a pretty fare price. the good quality bud in the dispensaries here run around 75 bucks for 4 grams.
  8. that kush kief looks amazing, how much did 1g cost?

    how are the edibles? does one do the job?
  9. 1g cost 25.
    the edibles are incredible. after not smoking weed for three days, one of the brownies definitely did the job. incredibly so.:smoking:

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