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  1. They gave the prompt:
    What do you live for and why? Be truthful. Make sure to justify your reasoning.

    So anyways after I looked within myself, to be honest, I found no reason. I feel like I just walk through life carelessly choosing whatever is easiest for me with no real concern for the long term outcome.

    Regardless of my predicament, I want to know what you live for. So be honest. You don't have to write a 1000 word essay like I did, but let me know how you feel. I honestly find this an interesting question and you learn a good amount about yourself by being truthful with yourself in your introspective journey.
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    i do not believe that i was put here for a reason. i think that humanity, and life for that matter, is largely insignificant in proportion to this cosmic arena we exist within. BUT i do exist, and i love it. my motivation is the next minute. why sit around now doing nothing because its easy, knowing that the next steps are getting exponentially harder as i continue to procrastinate. i live knowing that life can be enjoyed, we all have the ability to spiritually succeed in any situation we are placed in. give me lemons, i'll gladly make lemonade.
  3. Wow, I wish I went to a school like yours. I never got any essays like this, no school I ever went to supported such thinking. Lucky, kid you are.

    I live not for the material objects that make life briefly more exciting or interesting but for the gifts the Universe bestows upon me each and every day. The mornings when the sun is yet to rise and the heavens project a shade of pink only the Universe could convey. The moments when the subtle energies of the young, blossoming flowers fuel the cotton breeze of twilight. The nights when the stars shine distinct from one another and a sudden breeze, comforting almost, grasps my very being. When the Summer heat awakens the flowers from their slumber and the mild dusk of night puts them back to rest. The oceans in their vast beauty, composed by the lunar rhythm as they ebb and flow throughout the planet.

    I value in life that which no one truly owns, the land I live on. Civilizations come and go, time decays that which man does not but no being and no machine can take away the beauty at our disposal. The beauty that is planet Earth, the beauty that is the cosmic land beyond our sight, the beauty that is the creatures, big and small, that roam among us, the beauty that is all. I live for nothing more than what the Universe has given me. I live not for television and not for my computer, not for fancy cars or gorgeous mansions. I live for no financial guide lines, for no unpaid debt, I live for that which we all have and we all share but care not enough for,

    Simply, I live for life and all the beauty that it comes with and I thank you for reminding me to take time, to cherish what I have today. I often forget to practice what I preach.

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  4. I do not believe that we are given a reason to live, rather the opportunity to do so.

    Because of this, I think that if you want a reason to exist, you'd best be about choosing one. I went with happiness. I like things that make me happy. Being nice to others makes me happy. Smoking a bowl makes me happy. Going for a good run makes me happy. Learning makes me happy. A nice cup of tea makes me happy. Proper English* and poetry/prose make me happy.

    These are the things that I live for.

    *Not that my English is always proper.
  5. I don't really think there's any reason why we're here. We just kind of are, so we might as well make the best of it.
  6. I live to feel, what else do we have?

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