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  1. I get why people think video games are a waste of time. I truly do. But it's such a shame. They see us from a specific perspective; sitting down in a spot for hours on end, moving only our thumbs and index fingers. What they fail to see, either out of ignorance or sheer arrogance, is the motions of our minds. The mental experience, which far surpasses any physical experience I've come across so far in my 24 years of existence. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt to my lack of a sexual drive and my uncanny introvert personality. Video games, if done right, can transport you to an entirely different world. A world of fantasy, magic and infinite potential. A place that is truly yours. A subjective experience that trumps most real life adventures by far. Let's takes Dark Souls III as an example; my favorite video game of all time. The experiences I've had playing this game rival those I've had hanging out with friends getting drunk, riding a bike for the first time, seeing the mountains for the first time or even plain magical childhood memories. And I'm not a person who says that lightly. Take substantial emphasis on what I say.
    Video games have been widely explained as an escape from the real world or an outlet for our frustrations. While all of this is very true, there is so much more to it than that. Video games are a way for us to explore the creative mind of other human beings. When you look at a video games, you're seeing much more than pretty graphics and an entertaining story. You're seeing a collaboration of the innermost workings of the most creative people imaginable. The product of years of hard work, precise guidance of a singular vision and the raw motivation of a handful of people. People who have striven to bring a vision of imagination to life. A vision that you yourself can traverse and explore. And in some cases, a world to where you can draw your own conclusions. This is the true art of video games. The ability to inspire wonder and awe in people who otherwise couldn't do own their own. It's a way for people to indirectly probe the innerworkings of other's minds. To scratch at the surface of what makes What makes you tick...what makes you wonder in awe..what makes you human.

    So sit down, take a few moments out of your busy lives, and play a good video game. Learn to fail. Learn to accomplish something that isn't tangible. Learn to be human. Learn to transcend beyond the physical limits of your bodies and delve deep inside another human being's imagination.
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  2. Sorry for my rambling. I'm just very passionate about video games, and I felt like sharing it with people. Figured what better place than a community of fellow stoners. Cheers.
  3. I agree with what you're saying about games taking you to another world, but it really depends what type of game you're playing, and how you play it. Sitting back and playing Mario Kart, while fun as hell, isn't exactly very mentally challenging (i guess it is a little bit), but a game like Starcraft, that is some intense shit, and requires a ton of planning if you want to win. RTS games are the shit.

    Any Warcraft 3 fans out there?
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  4. Well, yea. Of course it does. You can't have the experiencing I'm describing from sniping mofos in destiny. I probably should've said that I'm mainly talking about immersive RPG games. That's about all I play.
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  5. I like video games because it's one the few things I can control.
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  6. Definitely. It's almost like a book. You're in a different world with a interesting story (hopefully) and you get to see spectacular views (hopefully).
    I should add I've turned to rpgs lately too. The witcher, fallout, borderlands. Plus you pay 60 bucks for a game you can spend hours on hours in and not just beat the campaign in 10 hours and it's done. Your stimulating your mind and keeping yourself engaged and interactive.

    Not all games of course but if you pick the right ones they must certainly aren't all detrimental to yourself. It ain't as bad as TV I'll say that

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  7. While Mario Kart and FPS games may seem like they're not working your brain, they are. You don't need a deep, complex game to stimulate your mind.

    FPS games have been proven to c
    Increase your reaction time. People who play FPS games demonstrated in a controlled test that they can make better decisions in shorter amounts of time than people who don't play FPS games. Mario Kart and FPS games both do wonders for your hand eye coordination, too.

    Also, video games relieve stress depending on how you play. Stress is horrible for your body and health. As long as you aren't playing anything by From Software or something competitive, you probably don't get that stressed when you play. I sure don't!

    I love video games. People who don't like them just don't understand them. I don't think any of my time at the end of the day is wasted on them. Time spent doing what you love is never wasted.

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  8. Video games for me are my creative outlet outside of my career. They are quick to get into and I can invest either a half hour or an entire day and be completely content the whole time. They are one of my only guiltless pleasures in life. I love how the indie pc market has taken off such great games that encourage creativity and skill. Like Kerbal Space Program, Factorio, etc. Also had some of the best friendships of my life because of video games, so many nights spent playing vanilla world of warcraft and Counterstrike 1.6 on teamspeak with friends, some of my favorite most untainted memories in life. I wish we all had the free schedules to have that feeling again but part of growing up.

    My current girlfriend is great in that she doesnt make me feel like a piece of shit for the amount of gaming I do, as opposed to previous ones... she games alot too but shes more retro focused.
  9. Hey, one of you send me a free xboxone live subscription and I'll grant you a 1v1 match in black ops III
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