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my personality different when high is different to when im sober

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. when i high i a different person than who i am sober. when im high i love to listen to conversations rather then talk speak. everyone talking and their voices are always fucking hilarious and my only answer to any quistion is ya. i am stoned whenever i have free time whenever i dont have class or study and during the parts whenever when im free im always extremely baked. i always have these missions when im high. sometimes itsgoing to a certain resturaunts it getting so much damn full. another is whack the sack for at least an hour or fuck a girl. or go in public and chill. chill with drunk high and sober friends and smoke with the people that do smoke. or getting cigs, liquor, or other illegal goodies an pills perscribed from a doctor. or go to a kava bar drink kava and kratom and chill with people and there will be obstacles while i am high and trying to complete my mission. for example this morning i did a wake and back and i stayed up all night on my last doctor perscribed klonopin and vyvanse and needed to pick the refill in the morning and i had stayed up for the night before cus i had plans for in the middle of to chill with some cats. well plans fell through and i had to stay up through my night and no sleep so i smoked all night and made the best of it and smoked a few js. the pharmacy opens at seven so i got the pills mentioned above. while i waited for them to be filled i went across the street to the 711 and got a monster a bob marley tea and big smart water. just got the water cus whenever i am high i always forget to bring something to drink with me or i bring something small and im still thirsy cottonmoth is a bitch.. the size of the of the bottle is perfect for my needs. went back smoked a cig, got my perscribed klopon hitched a ride home and lit one. anyone got things they do like this
  2. I don't think you're even allowed to be talking about getting pills, man. You may need a T-Break. Delete this thread before conflict is created, my friend.
  3. hes telling a story lol be quiet kid
  4. Read the story. Sounds like an epic adventure. Harold and Kumar style.

    To answer the actual question, yeah my personality is different high. Sober, I'm more loud an engaging. High, I just wanna sit back and listen to people or watch/play something, ya know? I guess high, I'm just more in a chill place.
  5. Everyone I know says weed brings out your real personality. i agree tho cuz i feel it does lol.
  6. No your real personality is how you are when sober. Nobody needs to take a drug to experience their real personality.
  7. I think everyone you know might be a low life drug addict like yourself if their "real" personality is only present under the influence of drugs.

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