My personal experiences with weed.

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    Hey Grasscity. I have been smoking for about 2.5 years an I have had ups and downs with the substance.There is perhaps nothing i love more than "getting high with the help of my friends", eating good food, listening to music and doing cool stuff.

    I know some of you out there will immediately reject this, but weed for me does have some significant negative affects and patterns that I notice. When i smoke once or twice a week, I get the optimal usage of weed, I feel happy 100% of the time sober or high, and the highs are usually more intense as well because of the tolerance.

    However, when I smoke for 3+ days in a row I start to change. By around the fourth day I start wanting to get more high, more often. When I am sober during these periods, I am often a little tired and gloomy. The real problem comes in a day or two after I stop smoking. I get extremely irritable, semi depressed, unconfident, and more stressed out in general.

    Now, It could be just my body's reaction to the substance, but I would like to know your body's reaction to weed during the days you smoke and the during the days after you stop smoking. Thanks everybody... I still smoke a lot too :D
  2. I've smoked weed every day for as long as I can remember.

    I'm happy every day. And if I have a bad day, my smoke cheers me up.

    No issues over here, other than I need a t-break so it don't cost as damn much to get ripped.

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