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My personal beliefs-Please comment!

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by George Jung, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Alright, let's get right down to it.
    First off, I dislike most organized religion. I never got into the preachings of any group, be they Christian, Muslim, Judaic, Wiccan, Satanic, Buddhist, Animist, Taoist, etc. I don't believe in any messiah. I didn't believe in anything, really, until fairly recently. But, then, to appease my own vain overblown sense of importance and need for notoriety, I started to believe in destiny. I was destined for great things, I was going to carve my name into history, like Gandhi or Hitler before me. One way or another, I would achieve my immortality. I believed this quite fervently, until I slowed my roll a little. I looked around, and decided that no, I didn't need to shake the earth (although this remains my fondest, vainest dream). I've soul searched recently, and I've found a modicum of what I believe to be peace. I believe that simple acts of kindness, an outreaching to those in need, or something as simple as giving someone reason to smile, has meaning. I believe that anyone who makes even one life better, who made the world brighter for those around them, even for a moment, those people had meaning in their life. I still think we need people who believe they need to change the world, and who have the drive to do so; I think that's what shapes us as humans, having that unclimable mountain or that unstoppable evil put in front of us, and to know that someone HAS done it, that it's possible, so that we might one day reach the summit of that mountain, and know we have joined those before us in a kind of imortallity: The kind found in the fond memories of others. I really can't manage to stay angry at people anymore, hatred is such a tiring emotion, and begets nothing but more hatred. I don't know, I'm not doing a great job of explaining it. Some people, I look at and my knee jerk reaction is disdain. But again, I can't hate them. Their lives are their own, and to try to push my opinions on them would be both fruitless and arrogant. Everyone must find peace in their own way, and I must learn to be less judgemental. So, to sum it up, I will keep my quiet faith that any good I do, any good brought into the world, makes a differance. Maybe not to the world, but to the person you helped, the child you fed, the needy you sheltered. I believe things happen for a reason, and I believe the only sin is the wasting of the boundless human potential. If I am wrong, I will face God for the many indescretions I have commited, and I shall do so with pride, knowing that if even one person had cause to weep at my funeral, it was all worth it.

    Thanks for your time, I hope I can get some comments on this. I would love to hear your beliefs.
    For the record, I'm 18, and have never been high, drunk, or otherwise intoxicated. Why am I here, you may wonder? Well, to be honest, I've tried :rolleyes:, I just have an incredible tolerance for downers. And I like stoners, you're a fun group. Mostly.
  2. I'd like to see your next thread or any future revisions to this current one after the day you have spent time with the Lovely Lady :)
  3. I would guess that's some kind of slang, but I never really bothered to keep up with slang...Please, explain your term so as to expand my knowledge.
  4. Someone's a hott head :rolleyes:

    Be well ;)


  5. Ms. Mary Jane of course.
  6. i think you are in serious need of a psychedelic.. open up your mind.. serious shit though..
  7. You know man, Mary Jane = That sativa/indica shit man, it's fucking a trip.
  8. Thank you, I understand now. I'm sorry if I sounded upset with you for being unclear, I just didn't know the term. That falls on me more than you.

    And I used to have anger problems...I was seriously violent, and dangerous when I was angry. But like I said, what's the point? It just creates more anger, and it drains your life. Sometimes, it can be really eye opening if you just look back and ask yourself if what you do makes your life any better.
  9. ur young u should feel this way. Examine everything. Believe in what you deem is right.
  10. I'm similar to you. My beleifs can be found in various threads in this forum, but I too never push my spirituality/faith on anybody - no matter how irritated certain organized religions or beleifs can make me. Regardless, i always try to be as good a person as possible. I have this terrible burden where my whole self aches for everything wrong in this world and society. My ultimate dream is to express my beleifs and how i feel through my music - I hope to make a lot of money from this - only keep a fraction, and then roam the streets talking to people and giving money away to people i talk to, based on whether i feel they need it. I feel selfish for wanting "fame and fortune," but i honestly and purely just want to help people. I also want people to hear what i have to say - in an unoffending way so that they can take it or leave it. Basically, I want my music to help people, make them happy, give them insigt and revelations - in turn i'd like to make tons of money from this music, so that i could give it back to the world, while keeping just enough for me to live and be content and smoke my herb. I'm really blazed, and i kinda forgot what i wrote entirely and don't wanna reread it, so hopefully i made some sense in there.

    peace and love:smoking:
  11. Keep doing random acts of kindness. Especially when no one is looking. This is the best time to help or give charity to someone. When no one is watching.
  12. This made me think of a quote from my idol, Bertrand Russell:

    "The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy - I mean that if you are happy you will be good."

  13. you shouldnt be too hard on yourself about helping others. its actually condencending/egotistical to assume that others cant help themselves, which is what probably causes your dont feel too burdened

  14. i never assume people can't help themselves. I do know, however, that some people are put in situations because of this society; debilitating circumstances that are nearly impossible to dig yourself out of. In America, in Europe, in Africa - everywhere... there are people who are burdened and helpless because of the constraints and limiting nature of society. It might be somewhat egotistical in a way, but its not condescending - and besides, i can't help it. I will forever be burdened with pain by the pain that burdens others. I don't mind - it can be depressing, stressful and various other things - but its what helped shape who I am and what I strive for - and I am pretty happy with that. I don't expect to reach my ultimate goals, but I will forever strive for them - in doing so helping myself and helping others. I just want to positively influence the world.
  15. That's good man. You have to establish that you and a person who is in need of help are not equal: not in a discriminating kind of way, but in such a fashion as that you cannot expect them to do what you can do for yourself either by ability-limited impediments or motivation-related. Once you recognize this, the truly good person will feel a sense of duty to the other person and burden themselves in order to bring this person happiness. Most people either never recognize the imbalance or ignore their sense of duty and are not kind to others. Keep it up, I know what you are saying - I'm only 19 myself.

    A favorite Voltaire quote of mine is, "We never live; we are always in the expectation of living." People are always trying to find the best possible circumstances so they can be happy, but they are only happy once they realize that their societal struggle does not usually bring happiness. An empty material life is not one full of happiness, but rather a life based on dreams, personal reflection, kindness, attention, and friendship.

    You ought to toke up and ponder these things. It's very relaxing and rewarding, I must say. :D

  16. thats exactly what i was trying to say in my last post! glad someone understands. Its not an egotistical, condescening thing - its just an awareness, and i feel a sense of duty (as... i beleive kant (i think?) felt was the only thing that defined something to be moral and someone of moral character - when you do an act out of intuitive duty - that is the only pure good)
  17. This thread made me think of this.

    (Not my words)

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