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  1. Okay guys so in back a little more invested then last time. I've been slightly discouraged from making a new journal because my strains haven't changed. But i feel like I'm losing out on some good talking points and i miss my blades.

    So without further delay lets get rolling.....
  2. Okay i got a 6ft square tent that is dedicated to flowering now(it's night time in there so no pics right this second). As well as a make shift veg room attached to that.

    I'm currently growing cheese by dinafem seeds and have been for the last year or so. I grow hempy style using orchid pots and solo cups I also an in the prices of trying to re veg some papaya s because i killed my papaya stock mother on accident =(

    Some clones about 30 days from root and my bonsai

    Just cut these clones yesterday


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  3. Looking good my man
  4. Why thank you and welcome!
  5. off to a good start
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    Yea wait for my bud shots when i get home from work I've come along way from my diy cabinet also if your interested I'm i also started an out door journal here the link!-Oshin's-2013
  7. so I'm here in the bloom room here's a shot of a couple of plans I'm going to be taking down soon all cheese

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  8. Looks awesome I'm subbed :)
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    Welcome. I'm starting to get some friends =)
    I'm going to be clipping and making bho tonight stand by for pics
  10. Subbed! Ladies are looking great dude....super cheesy! Hit me up on how the bho run goes bro....looking forward to seeing some cheesy oils!.....peace.

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    Absolutely though tn I'm only purging some skuff from last weeks harvest tonight. another week till i run herbs :lol:
  12. subbD up buddddy! :bongin:
  13. that's the man i want to see!
  14. Here's that shoot of bho made it out of a half oz of Frosty trim

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  15. Nice bho

    And u said u vape it ?
  16. Yes i use a g pen. I also use a oil rig dome fro my jbd bong I'll post some pics later
  17. Just an update

    Bumped My straggler clones up to s feeding cycle of 800 ppms. They wetter cast offs that needed a little more attention compared yo the rest if the batch
    going to pull a couple plants out today to trim up and hang. Here's one
  18. Mmmmn cheeeeesy

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    So another up date took 23 clones from the Bucket awarded them on a 600ppm cycle 1372611202983.jpg
    Got another harvest wave coming out in another couple says sorry about the lighting hah
    Really need to pull in some more strains in
  20. Lookin good brotha. I love me some cheese too! :metal:

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