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My Perpetual Organic Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Organic Grow Journals' started by HazePhase, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. #1 HazePhase, Apr 7, 2018
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    Hello Everyone,

    This is my 3rd grow and my 1st perpetual grow.

    2x4 Veg Tent
    - 2 levels due to a shelf I put in
    - bottom shelf solo cup seedlings till day 21
    - top shelf 3 gallon smart pots for vegging day 21-75

    3x3 Flower Tent
    - currently has my last Harvest hanging so will update this in a week or so.
    - will be holding 4 plants
    - all flower plants will be transplanted into a 5 gallon smart pot.

    5x5 Flower Tent
    - will have 9-12 plants (currently has 12 till I finish drying in my 3x3)
    - currently this tent is still set to veg schedule as I’m giving them a few days in their new 5 gallon pots before slipping.

    Strains in veg about to flip:
    1. Fruity Pebbles by JAWS
    2. Darkstar Kush by T.H. Seeds
    3. Holy Grail by DNA Genetics

    Strains in solo cups about to sprout:
    1. Sour Chequita by Worlds Strongest Strains
    2. Strawberry Banner by Worlds Strongest Strains
    3. California Orange Chronic by DNA Genetics
    4. Sage N Sour by T.H. Seeds
    5. Purple Cheese Cake from a friend

    Amendments used:
    - Kelp, Epsom salts, Bokashi, Modern Microbes, compost, molasses, alfalfa
    Others I have on hand:
    - Crab, alfalfa, bat guano, oyster shell, gypsum, humic acid, rock dust, insect frass

    Other notes:
    - Soil is pro-mix organic vegetable
    - feed with top dress and teas
    - adding in barley and blue corn SST

    2x4 Tent
    Top shelf - 4 foot x 6 bulb T5 (6400k)
    Bottom shelf - 3 foot x 5 bulb Sunblaster T5 (6500k)

    3x3 Tent
    HLG-300 quantum board (3000k)

    5x5 Tent:
    Custom COBs Veros
    1750k x 2
    3000k x 6
    4000k x 8
    1750k x 8

    Day 0-21 bottom shelf veg tent solo cup
    Day 21-75 top shelf veg tent 3 gallon smart pots
    Day 75-140 flower tents (3x3 & 5x5)
    Day 140-150 drying / trimming

    Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions or advice.

    Only have recent pictures of my 5x5 tent.
    Older picture of my veg tent to show what it looks like
    3x3 had a blackdog light and now just has drying plants so update on picture there.

    Thanks for stopping by!!
    One Love

    IMG_4774.JPG IMG_4773.JPG IMG_4762.JPG IMG_4705.JPG

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  2. Nice swqt up

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  3. Thank you :)
    I am very excited to flip the girls and will be doing so in a few days.

    Have a great day!
    One Love
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  4. Updates?I

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  5. Update:
    Decided to flip the girls on May 1st. Allows me more time for veg / IPM / topping.

    I just sprayed today with neem oil and will be topping them either today or in the very near future.

    They have been topped dressed with bokashi/kelp/ewc and also had cover crop seeds laid down.

    That’s all I have for updates now.
    Will add pictures once I find time.

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  6. Just topped all my girls. They have till May 1st to recover before I flip to flower.

    Next is to trim under the main canopy which should give me a few clones.

    Maybe will do that tonight or wait a bit since just topped.
    IMG_4812.JPG IMG_4810.JPG IMG_4809.JPG IMG_4808.JPG IMG_4807.JPG IMG_4806.JPG IMG_4805.JPG IMG_4804.JPG IMG_4803.JPG

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