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  1. OK, I decided to do a journal just for something to do. I must remind those who like to be douchebag grammar police and/or portray themselves as professional photographer critics that I'm a grower and former industry rep, not a English major nor a professional photographer. I do not pose my plants, LOL who does that seriously? Well I am in the early flower stages of my present run, KOS C-99 F3(from seed), my own creation of Blueberry X Indiana Bubblegum(clone only), and Candyland Kush(from cut). My soil mix is 20% Rice Hulls, 30% Roots Organic original mix, and 50% Canna Coco in 10 gl GeoPots. Nutrients are my own soil mix amended with Modern Microbes, Oyster Shell flour, some Nitro Guano, and topped off with a rich compost mulch that has aged for at least 5 years. In flower I use General Organics line:
    Bio Thrive Bloom
    Bio Bud
    Bio Marine
    I use this every other watering using Flora Blend Veganic Plant Booster in between. Every 20-30 days I use a micro active tea I make myself to keep the soil active. No pesticides, sprays, or chemical salts are used in my grows.

    So onto the pictures. Enjoy.
    KOS 6 selected out of 10 seeds germed. 100% germ rate, 5 of these 6 showed female.
    Here we have 3 Heirloom OG X Bruce Banner #3, 3 Lemon OG X Buddha Tahoe OG, and a small random hash plant in the lower corner there. It turned out to be a male.

    The next few pics are my Blueberry Bubblegum she is about 15, 16 days into the flip 20160321_083832.jpg .

    KOS C-99 F3 in the next few pics.
    20160321_083843.jpg 20160321_083823.jpg
    20160316_082713.jpg 20160321_083633.jpg 20160321_083642.jpg

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  2. Nice. I like the soil mix. Very happy with roots organic. I plan on making my own super soil soon though.

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  3. Right now, it is more a matter of convenience. I was running TLO with Microbe Life however this is much easier for my needs right now. I am considering Build A Soil, Antonio is a microbe genius.
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  4. Random shots of the garden tonight. 20160325_215023.jpg





    120 Blueberry Skunk dry sift lightly heat pressed and cured for 30 days. Terptastic




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  5. Just got a double up on a limited pre release drop from Garden Of Dreams seeds. He dropped 25 package deals only which include:
    Wifi #3 xStardawg,
    Ghost O.G x Stardawg
    Casper O.G x Stardawg
    Sherbet x Stardawg
    ‪#‎GG4‬ x Biker Kush
    plus a free T-shirt. I was lucky to get in on 2 of these packages before they sold out, which was fairly quickly. Stoked for sure on these. Journal will be posted here when I germ them. Got 10 of the 12 Ice River Genetics unreleased Death Stomper to germ in under 36 hours, hoping to see the other 2 come up in the next 24. Watch closely, I only buy the best genetics and never deal with distributors, direct from the breeders my friends. Only way to grow. #grow_lyfe64
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    A quick update.
    2 of the 4 C99 F3 Shiva Skunk pheno I'm watching. The other 2 are pictured below.

    Death Stomper unreleased test grow for Ice River Genetics. 11 of 12 popped in 36 hours or less. Just went into seedling containers yesterday.
    A throwback from the last harvest. Blueberry Skunk. #oldschool DJ's Blueberry X Original Skunk #1 This is my breeder/keeper cut.

    A quick update.
    DJ's Blueberry X Indiana Bubblegum
    20160401_213758.jpg 20160401_213804.jpg
    2 of the 4 C99 F3 Shiva Skunk pheno I'm watching for my keeper. Loud as fuck.
    20160401_213811.jpg 20160401_213835.jpg
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    Quick update. Working on another set up as well so my time is limited. 10K is nice, but I am working on another 16K set up so I can run my 10K strictly for breeding purposes. My yields this run may be slightly lower running all new strains from seed with the exception of the Kandyland Kush which was from cut. Probably average about 6 or so per plant vs my usual average of 8-10 per plant. Still nothing to complain about since this is still about 18-20 zips on a bi-weekly schedule.

    Kandyland Kush filling out nice with about 30 or so days left.

    One of 5 C-99 F3 I kept out of 15 plants. 6 were male, 9 females, kept the 5 best to watch.

    Blueberry X Indiana Bubblegum getting fat. About 30 more days left on her.

    Ice River Genetic's unreleased Death Stomper looking happy. Excited about this run.

    Just acquired some limited edition Stardawg crosses. Happy to have 2 packs of ea. to pheno hunt. Sherbert X Stardawg and Ghost OG X Stardawg will be the first 2 I crack out of the 4. Also have WIFI #3 X Stardawg and Casper OG X Stardawg. Will be pheno hunting some of Ice River's SKS soon as well. The new rooms can not get set up fast enough let me tell you.
  8. Apologize for the delay. I have a decent size grow and building another that is somewhat bigger than this one. So a quick update. I do a full organic grow using no pesticides and no chemical salts. Check out my IG page @grow_lyfe64 and my seed page @tactical_dvantage_seeds Enjoy the updates.
    Here is my Bruce Banner #3 X Heirloom OG She stinking up the room. Made a limited amount of F2's to work with and used her brother to hit my Buddha Tahoe X Lemon OG for a limited amount of seeds to work with.

    Untopped C99 F3 Sorry for the poor pics, I'm a grower not a photographer. She getting close, flush beginning soon.

    Topped C99 F3. Brothers Grimm drops tomorrow. I already pre ordered at and got 2 packs ea. of C99, Apollo 13, and Rosetta Stone. Mr. Soul said there will be no shortage. Pricey, but some of the best and most stable breeding stock you will find. These F3's came from 2001-02 stock just before they left the scene.

    From left to right: Sour Berry, GDOG([Blue Dream X Green Crack] X Original OG, and Blueberry Skunk. Abut a 50 day or so cure on these. My personal stash for break times in the grow.

    These vigorous little babies are IRG's Death Stomper(Grape Stomper OG X Ohio Death-Star). Growing nice, 11/12 germed, so far 9 of the 11 have made the cut.

    Kandyland Kush, flush began about 6 days ago.

    More of the C99 F3, this is #2 I believe. I have 5, watching 4, all slightly different but these 4 are making very hard to select just one, may end up keeping 2.

    C99 F3 #4

    This Blueberry Bubblegum has maybe a week or so left. Stinks, has great colors coming out in the fade. Smells devine, like evil berries.

    Close up of the C99 F3 #4 mid level branch top.

    Close up of one of the C99 F3 #2 tops.
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    20160420_205655.jpg 20160420_205254.jpg 20160420_205302.jpg 20160420_205506.jpg 20160420_205642.jpg 20160420_205231.jpg Couple shots of the garden tonight.

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