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  1. So for 2010 im planning my first perpetual harvest setup but im doing some practice runs now and making sure i got everything set up. For this ill be using 1 Nirvana Blue Mystic and one White Label White Skunk for parents. I may change the moms when i get it going but for right now thats the genes. Im Planning on taking clones every 4 weeks rooting them for about 2 and then vegging for 1-2 depending on how they root. I was thinking this way i could go SOG and harvest 7 plants every 4 weeks. After vegging i would put them in 1.6 gallon pots and let them finish out 8 weeks under 400 watts. Anyone see any problems with this? My clones would be between 5-8" and finish around 20" probably. Anyone with experience have any opinions. This is my first shot at a setup like this and i want to make sure im in the right direction.
  2. Any feedback? Just wondering if my plan is the right way to go about this? I dont wanna start it and find out theres a better way.
  3. If you're going to do the SOG route, the most efficient way is this:

    Flood table / ebb and flow (for a 400w light, 3x3ish)

    Get yourself 4x4 rockwool cubes and rockwool plugs.

    Root your clones into the plugs, place plug into 4x4 cube and then start to flower. No veg time. This way you can do up to 81 clones (probably not realistic, so I'd do about 20 since you'll have 2 mothers.

    Now..... no veg time is what makes 81 plants viable. You are trading bigger higher yielding plants for smaller lower yielding ones, but more of them

    If you don't have the ability to do that many clones on a table, then it would be worth it to use some veg time.

    Everything make sense?
  4. ok so what if im not prepared to grow hydroponically? would it be best to just throw them into some 6" pots and flower them right away no veg?
  5. I don't do soil, hydro is much easier for me to understand. Much less involved.
  6. ive only ever tried a bubble bucket but i couldnt figure it out lol. i think im just gonna keep on growing regular trees. seems like you gotta have a lot of space to make it worth it to get the number of plants you need to get the greater yields. i crunched the numbers and i come out about the same. I guess thats why it works better for you hydro guys. ill have to educate myself on ebb and flow.
  7. Do what you're comfortable with. You just need to plan everything out really well and it will work, whether it is hydro or soil. I like to draw a lot of diagrams and go through tons of mental planning before anything starts. I do a perpetual soil grow with a 1000w flowering room, and 36 sog plants... im too baked to go into detail sorry lol
  8. i dont need the details lol just answer two questions please. what size pots do you use for your finished flowering plants? how long do you veg your plants for if any or do you plant your rooted cuttings and flower?
  9. straight to flower after sucessfull cloning , (aka a handful of roots showing out of the Rockwool, or soil plugs, whatever your using to clone) to a week long veg.. either work

    use 1 gallon pots.

    in a SoG envoirment .. multiple strains can be a pain .. certain plants stretch more then others.. so one strain may be getting better light then the other ..just by being a more rigorous in the early stages of flower, just a heads up, not really a big deal

    peace and good luck

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