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    day 43 of flower...

    E4B6E337-72AA-47A0-9E05-A78BFF341B4F.jpeg 162CC24A-A730-45C5-B22F-4B2E1E149805.jpeg 98620BC3-E3FC-49F6-8C59-BA78CA377C18.jpeg FCB61F36-D8B6-42AF-AAF4-0DB8ECC555DB.jpeg E258F589-D2C9-4A10-9B51-193669F99B78.jpeg 32B6515C-DA53-4CDA-9693-DB606117E153.jpeg
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  2. day 50...

    i will get trichome pictures tomorrow with my camera. my x30 loupe is hard to see cloudy vs clear trichs. i have maybe 2% amber all over the shorter plant so hopefully one of the two will be ready soon...most of the lower leaves are starting to yellow and a lot of the pistols are turning orange.

  3. yummy...smaller coming out this week. big one still has a week or so...

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    finished harvesting the smaller late last night and forgot to get the weight. will weigh before i jar her up. right now it is hanging up in my smaller grow tent. pictures only show all the smaller stems. she had one huge cola will try and snap a pic later today. this pics below are not of everything hanging. just a small sample...

    BA184A29-34D0-412D-B24C-518F5DE54EA6.jpeg F88F7E8F-9951-4DF7-88D4-21E9CC84683C.jpeg

    the larger one i will check this weekend and hopefully will be ready soon. i now have one of the two lamps hanging sideways to get more light on the plant...

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  5. Just cut mine down


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    day 54

    i hope my future grows look like that. considering this is bag seed, the next plant that is bag seed looks 20x times bigger. but i also experimented with some different things with LST and crushing the main cola at flower start. next will be some name brand bud.

    some updated pics...

    442A07C6-BA9A-4137-959E-B399DF88F3B5.jpeg A316D681-1700-465B-AA42-921B0C4038B4.jpeg
  7. day 60

    small update, i will be pulling her up this week.

    C3F60C45-18FA-4262-91C9-9F554BF0DD6C.jpeg 123AF767-935C-466A-A0B6-F472ADC47C2C.jpeg EA3E5689-7BCB-4AAC-A2AB-D2CB13263C2E.jpeg
  8. thanks!

    could not tell you. he didn’t give a name when i got it. i will say this, a friend and i split a oz of this and it was good. after my first plant that i harvested a week or so ago we both agree that mine is much better than what we remember smoking from him and i’m not even done with the cure of the first plant yet.
  9. dry weight of first plant was .91oz and the second plant wet was 4.7oz. will be around 1.5oz after stem is removed and flowers are dry.

    this pictures are before trim...



    i’ll post dry weight and more pictures later.

    well time for a break since cold weather will be approaching soon...5 months till the next round. i’ll be doing a auto for my next run.
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  10. Congrats on the harvest. Enjoy the smoke

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  11. thanks!
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  12. getting ready to start my second grow and first of the season for me. i will be doing 1 auto fem (jack47) and 1 reg fem (pineapple chunk). i will have two separate tents after i flip the the pineapple to flower. i plan to run a second auto fem after the jack47.

    i used 3 gallon pots for the bag seed grow. this time the pineapple will be in a 5 gallon and will keep the jack in a 3 gallon.

    will still be using coco loco and kind soil.

    just waiting on my soil to show up and will be posting my updates soon!
  13. let the games begin!

    auto fem jack47 left
    fem pineapple chunk right

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  14. placed in soil on 4/15
    checked on them today and had a little surprise!


  15. small update...

    pic is from 5/8...

    the auto is showing its sex, it is crazy how much faster they grow...

  16. been about a week or so since my last update. moved the plants from a tent into a room i built over the past two weeks. room is still in process, however i have really controlled the humidity and temperature swing. this room is in the same area my tent was. here are some pictures with update plant pics....



    some room pictures. hopefully i will get some more soon....

    8536D837-EBDD-47DD-9571-E213D9E76BF1.jpeg 49207BE0-7F9D-47DA-BC3E-D6ECC558FEC1.jpeg
  17. day 41

    started cutting the pineapple and just admired the auto.

    4B28F954-C90F-48F4-BC0F-E1734A5C6968.jpeg C77101B1-040E-4A40-85CD-1F99DF8C18AB.jpeg 2B338BC2-5C50-4148-A204-637C77BE851B.jpeg 9D452D13-9EF7-4BF2-9379-8DA4073BFD7B.jpeg
  18. day 47

    jack is starting to fill in some, did some topping and lst to the pineapple. added a 3rd to the group since i’m 2-3 weeks from one coming out.

    welcome berry bomb auto to the family!


    jack 47 auto



    pineapple chunk


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  19. none purple pics






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