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My perfect blunt.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dark_Angers, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Just rolled a blunt and its lookin like my best ever rolled.



  2. Nice. Let us know how it smokes.
  3. yo is that a bic (bic style) pen next to it? if so then that is like a micro blunt
  4. Smoke that shit, yo!
  5. ya looks a little skinny man
  6. It is a mini blunt, for 2 heads. I didn't want to make it fat and waste bud. About to smoke it:smoke:
  7. Dude... I LOVE smokin blunts that size to myself! Itd be fine for two, theres nothing wrong with that blunt at all, looks like fun to me :D
  8. Yea thats a good blunt for two heads
  9. but i'm serious about my question. is that a bic pen? cause i'm staring at the one in front of me, and i can't get my head around the amount you could even get in it. .5?? but that's not even enough for a personal blunt.
  10. yes it is a bic pen. And it is just mad tight, there is about .8 in it.

    Smoked it at around 4 and it was amazing. Burnt nice and slow. Nice cherry. Pulls were nice and smoky.
  11. Nice, about to smoke a blunt with my brother, one for him, one for me.

    I rolled them, what yall think?

  12. micro blunt lol
  13. ALRIGHT, I thought I was the only one who rolled minis like that. I love em.
  14. hate blunts but looks nicely rolled

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