my peice broke

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    I was smoking with a friend in this wash near my house (the rents don't like pot, don't even know I smoke) and we had had about 2 bowls of this insanely frosty chronic and were feeling pretty fucked up. he reached for the lighter and accidentally knocked over my piece. It was a nice Sherlock too. so now he keeps apologizing for it even though he already payed me back for it and promised to smoke me out next time. he's a good guy, too bad about the piece though

    edit- he got me a new bubbler. it's almost a sherlock except a bub.
  2. eh u lost ur piece but u gained ur money and a free smoke out so u dont have much to complain about.
    R.I.P applepies sherlock
  3. I feel for you.

    My best friend just moved into his new place and he broke his chillum and our bong in the same week. He rooms in the basement and the floor is cement, so all he had to do was knock that shit over and it was gone forever. He says he's gonna buy us a better bong, though.

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