My PC grow case and it's inhabitants.

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    I started germinating on January 22 with bag seed.

    (1) roll of reflective tape
    (4) 23 watt 5500k cfl bulbs currently
    (2) 23 watt 2700k cfl bulbs for flowering
    (1) pc case 20 inches high, 8 wide, 17 deep
    (1) power strip with 4 bulb adapters
    (3) 4 inch grow pots
    (1) bag of Miracle grow garden soil (flowers and vegs) .15-.05-.10
    (1) bag of earth worm castings mixed 50/50 with MC soil
    (1) Ph test kit.
    I'm running the lights 22on/2off and using Technaflora plant products "recipe for success" starter kit which Imust say seems to be working well. Also it's nice to buy a kit with everything you need instead ot buying everything seperatly.
    The first set of pics was taken on 2/4, the reason I have 2 plants per pot is so if one turns male I can destroy it.
    pot A
    Pot b
    Pot c
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    My ph test, see how it's nearly perfect
    Pics taken on 2/8
    Pot A

    Pot B

    Pot C
  3. My case

    And my nutes
  4. I would recommend having two pots. By the time you find out its sex, both of the plants root system will be entangled. Now if one of the plants is a male and you destroy it, you will get some root rot, which is not good.
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    These pictures were taken with my shitty cell phone, in the future I will use an actual camera. Also future pics wont be so freaking big. I have thin plastic dividers in the pots below the soil to keep roots from doing this when/if I need to transplant, they can easily be removed. What is a good photo hosting site, I'm worried about these pics being tracked back to me.
  6. Dude, a PC case? Really?

    Do you really think you will get anything out of that setup? Are you that clueless?
  7. LOL... did you just get here throwaway? Plenty of people use this type of setup.
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    Yeah you're right, I'll just ask my father if I can use his office as a grow room :confused_2:

    Second, I'm not "dude". Maybe you're clueless, not everybody has the space/ability to grow while living with their parents. I don't sell nor do I care to, this is for personal use.

    A quick search of your posts shows how pessimistic you are to other people, GTFO of my thread.
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    this is amazing! please keep us updated, I'm very eager to see how this turns out. are you going to use auto flowering, or are you just using some bag seed?

    what's the plan to deal with the height / bushiness? do you just move the power strip up along the side as they taller? I'm so curious :)

    best of luck!

  10. I'm using bag seed for my first grow, I just wanted to get the routine down before I invest in quality seeds. The back of the power strip has wall mounting points so I just drilled holes into the side of the case, slowly moving the strip up with the plant growth. I will be flowering soon so height is not an issue, I might try LST'ing but I'm not sure yet. The two best plants of the bunch will be transplanted soon into a bigger plastic storage bin. Thanks
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    Here is an update. Feb. 11, just started to use the veg nutes and will be transplanting tomorrow. My best plant has it's set of 5 leaves and the stem is nice and thick, whats weird is the plant seems very short which is a good thing. I water once daily, my soil has no means to retain moisture and I make sure everything is dry before watering. feed, water, water, feed and my lights are on 21 hours and off 3 hours.

    Pot A

    Pot B

    Pot C

    I just hope my strongest plant is a female, crossing my fingers.
  12. Your plants are looking healthy so far and I like your case setup. I would definitely NOT be giving those seedlings nutes at all. You need to wait 2-4 weeks, your soil has nutes in it. Also you should make sure your not using the Miracle Grow with time release nutes, if you are get new soil. You need to get rid of one of those plants in each pot now. When you plan to later on kill males, your plants will both have advanced root structures entangling themselves in those small cramped pots so you will not be able to transplant.

  13. Thanks for the reply, my nutes are at half strength for the moment I didn't know it was too early for it. The MG soil I have says it feeds for 3 months but the strength of the nutes in the soil seem VERY low, I already had it in the garage and I wanted to keep my expenses down. I was planning on starting flowering on saturday, what are you thoughts? I have about 17 inches of vertical grow space and none of the plants are more than 4 inches tall, infact most are about 3 inches at the moment.
  14. Ok I have started flowering but with the lights being on only 12 hours instead of 24 I'm having problems keeping the temps up. I live in an unfinished basement and it's pretty cold down here, any suggestions?

    I have 4 23 watt/100 watt equiv bulbs at 2700k

  15. Nice grow set up man, i'm running the same thing but with two 2700K 75W lights.
  16. Cool man. I contemplated doing one of these but I decided not to because of how small it is. But nice to see you're pulling it off! What do you plan to do just LST? or maybe a Scrog
  17. Hehe, you mean vegging I hope right? You shouldn't be flowering yet on 12/12...and as far as temps go...I'm not really sure, one possibility is to get a small space heater...this may sound stupid but I know they sell quite a few models that have a thermostat inside that will cut off once it reaches the temperature you set it for. good luck :)
  18. As far as heat goes try a heating pad or blanket. Heating pad under and blanket bunched-up on the side. (use Caution if they are old) you can also look at using your desk lamp. Use a reg. 100W and put it right next to the case. Heck if all else fails just put a blanket around it.

    Whats your plan when the smell comes? Nice set-up I'll stay tuned-in. Remember though, never tell anyone about your grow. Not even your best friend!......Be cool!
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    What you need to do is place a heater close to the rear of the computer, and add a fan that can draw air into the cabinet perhaps, that's what I would have done I think, and thats basicly what I did, just added a heater w/timer.

    Easiest would offcourse be to place it in a tempature-regulated room, but that isnt possible atm?.

    Im pretty curious aswell, to see how well the results get =)


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