My PC almost died on me...

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Zylark, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. My PC have been somewhat unstable lately. Crashing, slowing down and all sorts of unwanted behaviour. And yesterday, I had no less than 4 BSOD.

    The only thing that had really changed, was that a couple of weeks ago, I installed a new graphics driver. So I thought that was the culprit. So performed a clean install of it again, to see if that helped.

    And it did for about an hour or so. Then; new BSOD... WTF?!

    I cleaned out my PC a couple of months back. A lot (and I really mean a LOT) of dust and grime was removed. All fans cleaned out, and generally giving it a good once-over. So I thought it couldn't be a hardware errror.

    That is, until I checked the temperatures. The CPU was running at 92'C at idle. That is close to boiling temperature for water. Holy crap, had the CPU fan died or something? Checked it out, and no, that was spinning merrily around.

    But a closer inspection, revealed that between the CPU fan and heatsink, there was a solid layer of baked in dust. Preventing the CPU fan from doing its job, to provide airflow over the heatsinks heat-dispersal fins. Doh!

    Half an hour later, layer of baked dust removed. CPU running at about 40'C when idle, and 70'C under stress.

    Problem solved, and PC stable again :)
  2. Oh man that's wild haha
    I probably wouldn't have checked that
  3. 70 is too warm bud,
    40 should be stress, 70 for shutdown.

    whats the socket and cpu?

    upgrade that shit if you can.
  4. Makes me want to clean my pc, it's been awhile. Thats kind of funny though that was your problem. If only all PC problems got fixed that easy.

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