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  1. So I finally got my Pax after a week of research. I love it. Absolutely love it. The fact that you can't smoke it when charging doesn't even bother me. I use this thing for a grand total of about 5-10 minutes to get stoned at a time, so a 1 hr-lasting battery is just fine (was worried at first about that). My pal who I bought it from said you could totally vape like 5 refills with one charge. This thing is great because it looks stealthy as hell. You could throw it somewhere with headphones and it wouldn't even catch anyone's eye.
    I would give the Pax an 8 out of 10 only for two reasons:
    1. \t$$$.Holy crap.really? $250-275. Thank god I had a friend I bought mine off of used for $150 or I may have never gotten one at all. If these things sold for about $150-175 they would be in every stoner in America's pocket. It does come with a 10 year warranty though (as long as you don't abuse your pax and buy it from a legitimate retailer and not on craigslist/ebay)
    2. \tThe smell. Now I am a little on the fence about whether to complain about this. Here's the thing. Before I had my Pax, I used a Cloud pen (you know, that works with wax and not straight leaf) and those things are without a doubt the stealthiest portables you can own -the downside of course, being that you need to have a solid connect for wax…which many people don't have…and this also renders your piece useless if you're ever on a roadtrip or at a music festival looking to stock up (yes, you could always stock up at home, but I prefer flexibility and you always have more flexibility with a pen that vaporizes leaf-and we all know leaf is everywhere :)
    The Pax does NOT at ALL leave a stench like smoking would and obviously it dissipates very quickly. I busted out my Pax during a pool game at a bar once and aside from my friend playing ppol with me noticing when I blew the smoke in his face (lol) nobody was the wiser. And if you're outside with this baby, you've got NOTHING to worry about. However, recently my roommate was able to smell something in the air of my room where I keep the windows closed in the winter. I have been vaping premium nug here (on medium and high setting) for weeks and there's always the possibility that cleaning supplies/ herb sitting out is the reason for the stench but I can't help but feel like the smell is not as quick to fade or stay concealed as a Cloud pen. Then again…leaves reek waay harder than wax does and since the Pax needs to have a non-airtight seal on the herb chamber, it is inevitable that some faint smell might leak out (which is why it can be good to carry a Pax in a small case or bag). My suggestion is to not even open the herb chamber until the device is cooled down(not because you'll hurt the pax, but because that tends to let the smell out more than anything i think)
    The Pax is an interesting device. Ploom, which manufactures the Pax has been hailed as the Apple of the portable vaporizer market and they deserve the title. It truly takes a few days of using the Pax to truly get comfortable with it (cleaning it is very important and the cleaning is super easy to do. There's several areas they recommend hitting for a full cleaning, but I'm telling you right now.All you need to do is slide a pipe cleaner dipped in rubbing alcohol (pax comes with the thicker ones, I believe Zen rolling papers makes them too and they're cheap) through the Pax vapor tube that runs from one end of the pax to the other 3 times and push the mouthpiece down to click it a few times. It may sound like a pain but it takes 30 seconds and is worth it to have this gem functioning properly. Highly recommend getting a Pax, especially if dropping $250 is no big thing for you.. ;)

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    Very nice review my friend. I also own the pax I purchased it back when I only had the black I believe. Payed $200 which I agree with you is steep. But it is a great vape to just chill in your room with..

    One suggestion for cleaning tho. Your also going to want to clean around where the mouthpiece connects. Just pull the mouthpiece out and you can see the little tube around the outside of that just with a little alcohol. I use one of those little dental brushes dipped in alcohol.. Otherwise over use the mouthpiece becomes sticky and hard to get out or open.

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