My Past Week w/ pics

Discussion in 'General' started by MorningTrip, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Alright, so lately I've been pulling a weeklong sit-in. Wak-n-bake every morning, and just get high and listen to Pink Floyd, and eat, then every afternoon bring friends and chicks over and just chill and basically enjoy my obscure lifestyle.

    Upon getting this new sack, I examine the beauty and inspect it:


    And then it occured to me, that someone else likes the ganja:
  2. Love the peace pipe. I got one too :smoke:
  3. where could someone find one of those piece pipes?
  4. i would like to know also
  5. I like your snake to man whats its name? JOE>
  6. ...
  7. looks like some mighty untasty bud.. but nice snake / wood pipe =d
  8. Shit....

    You and me would get along great, MorningTrip
  9. Someone could fine one by looking on google for native+american+store
  10. Whoa, you used a razor blade to cut your dope?

    Jeeze, that's hardcore.

  11. It's really good for scraping stems... I like getting what I paid for.:D

    Also, I converted a dry-erase board into my worksation, and the blades slide over it easily so I can cleanly slide the cash into the other corner, or something.

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