My past two days

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  1. So yesterday was my brother graduation from his technical school, I'm proud of him. But to the story we go out to eat with my family we go to this fondue place. I was pissed cause I needed food, not dessert. Of course my mom bitches we had pizza at home and blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch. Anyway we get out and me and my bro get into the car*mustang* :)
    so we crank some music and floor it all the way home. We both knew what was on each others mind. I run into my room slip on some sweatpants and a loose shit grab my weed and my ROOR. I get into his room and his is out as well. So we ripped a few hits and just chilled mostly like every night. Then our neighbor who we hadn't seen in 10 years comes over so we could fix her laptop.
    side note:she has smoked only when she was drunk.
    So she comes in sits down and me and my brother had just rolled up a blunt with 3 different types of bud in it.:smoking:*it was amazing*
    We sparked it up and just hotboxed the room around her I felt kinda bad cause I hadn't seen her in 10 years and this is how she is seeing us you know, bong hits,blunts,
    Also: all our pieces were out massive amounts of ganj, soco, ya know.
    so we finish the blunt and we try to work on her mac book but we are just to gone to do it.

    Now she starts to get interested
    For some weird reason women just love to watch
    idk if its for everyone else, but every girl just sits and stares jaw open.

    We show her how collection and tell her she should probably smoke
    I cant recall what she said But I told her we dont push anyone, but I do hope you highly consider it

    she comes up with this
    "if you find me a screwdriver, I'll smoke."

    We both look at each other and are both thinking
    we are so blasted I'm drunk too and we gotta find a small tiny screwdriver.

    So we give it a try,I was looking through this utensil droor we have and the girl walks over to us and I forget what she said but she was being really loud, it was 2:30am
    I then in a funny awkward tone say
    "jesus your fucking loud.....We are quiet people"
    my brother then interjects with
    "you don't get how lightly that bitch sleeps"(aka momma dukes)
    It may not be all that funny but last night it had me and him on the floor
    so after a good 5 minutes of trying we eneded up standing in the basement

    I then got the greatest Idea. I said "if we go and get a screwdriver tomorrow.....
    "I have to smoke now...." she said

    we both noded and grinned at each other
    she did finally agree, so we went upstairs it took her like 15 miutes to pick what piece so she picked a bubbler we packed it smoked it, she felt it but we couldnt tell if she was inhaling.....I tried to teach her but she didn't listen....
    so we say fuck it packed another one this time a little more.
    we move on we bust out a RooR and pack this girl a phat ass bowl
    She rips it to her face
    Game over I mean this girl was coughing and couldnt get up from the chair...

    So I asked her
    "hows it feel?"
    "its different I feel warm and when I get up the whole world shakes"
    "wait till it spins ;)"

    so around 3-4 we finish up and now the room is filled with the smell of dank roor hits and blunts and it just smells fantastic. we get to our front door and we tell her we will watch her walk home
    *right next door*
    She told us it wouldnt be a problem
    but it seeemed like a problem stubmling all over the place lol

    Me and my bro had a good laugh about that
    Not seeing our neighbor in 10 years come over to get her computer fixed and ends up smoking mad weed lol :) ps she wants to come back for more :)

    Then Today

    I get up and i remember I had a oral surgeon appt
    so I got and I didn't think they would do anything but look at my teeth
    nah 1 hour later i was piicking up valium/vicodin/steroids/antibiotics and taking massive amounts so i could go in
    they put me in the chair numb my mouth more then put laughing gas on me. This is where i lost it
    They had for some reason missed a spot when numbing and i was like ouch wtf
    and the assistant was like breathe threw your nose thats where all the happiness is.

    I started cracking up at this point but it was the most euphoric exp
    i was in the chairr for 2 hours I felt like I was there for 15 :)

    and I don't have to work today cause of it <3

    well hope you enjoy it I was bored and I'm doped up :):smoking:

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