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  1. Here is a little story about my past 24 hours, which have been fun.

    I was at work for 12 and a half hour yesterday, and for the ending 7 hours of my shift, I literally did not get a chance to breathe we were so fucking busy. So I was looking forward to my night. I get home about 8:40pm, and I call my friend and I went to his condo and chilled until he got off work. I brought Frosty, which is my bubbler, and i just sat at his house watching Simpsons and South Park until he got home. When he got home, he called our other friend who is currently his roomie, and he was supposed to be picking 1.75 oz up of some decent high/mids for around 150 bucks. But he's running late, and doesn't know when he'll be home, os my friend busts out the pieces and starts hitting what he had left over, and he smoked a bit more then he thought and he got pretty ripped before the fun even began. I took one hit because I'm a lightweight and knew I'd be passed out quickly if I smoked then and then again in a little bit. So I just chilled back, and got a nice buzz going.

    So we went over to Jack in the Box and got some food, and then came back. Now it's about 11:30pm and we're getting anxious. Finally his roommate comes through the door with the 1.75 oz of ganja and we're happy. Just another friend we were waiting on came he. He works at a grocery store so he brought over a dozen donuts, pizza bites, 60 cans of various sodas, steaks, and other munchie shit. But he was also supposed to bring along this other kid who has now become apart of our group. This kid is chill as fuck, but he couldn't come over, so that kind of sucked. Well, we bust out the 4 hose hookah and we get going. Once again I'm a lightweight, so the hookah did it for me, but it didn't stop me. So they bust out our 1' bong, my bubbler (which is one of the greatest hits we've decided), a pipe, and another pipe. So theres 4 pieces in the rotation, and 4 people. Sounds perfect, except, only 3 lighters. So needless to say after being in a rotation where everyone fucking hit something, I was fucking gone. So, this was the perfect time to put Grandma's Boy in. I've never seen it, they've all been raving about it the past week. So we watch it, and I'm too fucking stoned to watch a thing. But I make it all the way through and remember the main points, it was alright... so I have to watch it sober so I can understand it more. But anyways, then we about 4am and then yeah.

    Well we wake up at about 11 today, and though we didn't smoke, I do have to describe some of the activities because it was weird... it's all marijuana themed though. We decided we were gonna go to the waffle house, so we get in the car and drive to the front door basically of it and decided nevermind because we made some nasty shit last night. Pizza bites with ketchup, hot sauce, and ranch covering it, and it made us all pretty sick. So I decided since i was going to be taking home a nice amount i need a jar to hold it in. So we go to a headshop about 20 miles away. I've never been to this one, and as we go inside, my friend tells me it is one of those ones owned by arabs. I've never been to an arab headshop but I've heard of some interesting things about them so I was interested. Once i got inside, it was a weird shop. I've come to the conclusion that this guys main source of income is not the headshop, that's just a front. NOw I don't have proof he sells out of his shop, but it was written all over it that he did basically. I just got that vibe. But they had shitty jars so we headed to another one. We get there, another shitty selection,so fuck it... nothing to tell here. But then the funniest story of my day was the third and final headshop we went to. This is basically the king of headshops in my area, but it's got a name that might imply it is like a Popular, or some other outdoor store. And we're in there, and it's right by a water park that is pretty popular here in the summer when the door opens. And everyones head in the store turns to the door, and who should be standing there? No... it wasn't a cop, but funnier. It was this dad, with his 3 kids, probably ages 3-8 in tow, and you could tell by his initial reaction he thought it was a hiking or outdoor store... but then he asks, "do you sell sunglasses" You could tell theyw ere getting ready to go to the waterpark, and the employee was so funny. He was all pippy and cheery and eager to help them, with a hint of laughter in his voice, and he says, "yes some over there, and some in the back." And the dad takes his littles right next to the lingerie and big bong (i.e $400+ bong) area and checks out the sunglasses. I just thought it was so fucking funny because you could tell that was not the type of store he was expecting.

    But anyways, final little story, we get back home, and I'm about ready to head home and so I said we should start the transaction. I put up 50% of the funds out of 4 people, so I was getting the most. He was going to give me an ounceof it; for 60 bucks, but I just said nah, dont' worry. So I walked out with 17 grams for 40 bucks. And it is some decent mids. So my friend has his scale, a nice pile of ground up weed, 7 pieces, shit load of baggies, and about 2 ounces of weed sitting out in the open and we decided to go get lunch. Well he gets a call on his phone from his parents and they're about 1/4 mile from his condo coming to stop by and we're about 10 miles away standing in line at the subway. So my friend is like "shit I'm fucked." and we take off home. His mom knows he smokes, but his step-dad doesn't and doesn't like it. And sincehe's renting the condo from his parents, he kind of has to be on the downlow. So he's freakin out cuz he has 2 ounces on the floor basically right in front of the front door where they couldn't miss it; and we get home and there was no sign of them... so we quickly hid all the drugs and shit, and it turns out that his mom I guess kind of understood what my friend meant by, "no" when she asked if they could stop by for a minute, and before he finally said yes, so I guess she made his stepdad make a little pitstop elsewhere. So that was a funny close call.

    But anyways, I'm happy I have 3 more days off, and 17 grams of ganja for 40 bucks... so, lets all have a great memorial day!
  2. 17 grams for 40 is a nice ass hookup but I woulda swung for the OZ for 60.

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