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My Parents :/

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Examplez, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I asked them there opinion on Weed, And they said it's addictive (which it's clearly not) and will mess up my life, All i want to do is smoke in my room but i have to smoke outside, is there a documentary explaining how it's not addictive and can help and would convince them to let me smoke it freely?
  2. Watch "The Union."

    It's on Netflix.
  3. Lol if they let you smoke outside don't complain. Not many parents let their kids smoke in the house. It stinks
  4. Weed can be addictive.. They know small amounts of knowledge but are still clearly uneducated.. As the blade above me posted.. Take a look at the compiled research from our lovely gc granny... It literally has studies on everything from weed curing cancer.. To treating patients and slowing diseases(in some cases even ceasing them completely..)

    Weed is a one fucking magical plant and you better not let anyone convince you otherwise :smoke:
  5. Tell them they wouldn't see Michael Phelps on tv in the London Olympics if weed was as bad as they think it is.

  6. No no, i meant i have to smoke outside with friends, they dont let me at all
  7. Try to convince at least one of them. Then work with that parent to convince the other.

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